Forest Psytrance

Forest is characterized by a more pronounced resonance as well as more organic sonorities than in Darkpsy (in order to accentuate the “deep forest” effect) and “swarming/teeming” effects reminding ambient noises of fauna and flora. Just as Darkpsy, chants are very rare, they are more willingly replaced by ambient noises. There is two distinguishable trends of Forest: the first one, born in the late 90’s and then linked to Schlabbaduerst Rekkords in the early 2000s, mainly consists in a blend of Goa and Psytrance or Darkpsy with often heavy Industrial Music influences and a more chaotic or experimental aesthetic while the second one stemmed in 2003 almost exclusively from Darkpsy. Note that the first one is uncommon contrary to the second one. This style has mainly emerged in Denmark and in a minority in other nordic countries such as Finland, Norway or Sweden.

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