Freakshow: A museum of strangeness

By hmvh hmvh
updated 14 days ago

A selection of the weirdest and most unusual "releases" found in the database that even Ripley wouldn't have believed.

Presented in no particular order, pictures are a requirement for membership to this exclusive gallery of weirdness and wonder. Emphasis is more focused on the material, packaging and presentation than the audible content although, usually, that is no less weird.

Warning! Some items are NSFW.

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  1. Gonzales - Working Together

    Pressed on chocolate. Playable for a while.
    No info on the expiry date of the chocolate.

  2. Hristo (2) - Take It With A Big Spoon

    5 For Sale from $36.84

    Wax" is slang for "vinyl", right?

    In that case, here's a real slab of wax -- bees wax, to be specific. It plays.

  3. Unholy Triforce - Brahms Destroys Haydn

    A record made of glue from the apothecary of arts and crafts for the tone deaf.

  4. Nik Colk Void - Gold E

    2 For Sale from $19.72

    A living sound piece. Record pressed in material that will degrade over time. Sounds different every time you play it.

  5. Dansk Fløde - Korn 40

    Sleeve made of 40 grain sandpaper.

    "The sound will change every time the record goes in and out of the cover."
    Best to store in a PVC sleeve before it destroys adjacent sleeves too.

  6. No Artist - Two On One

    1 For Sale from $125.00

    Part of a poster. No audio.

  7. Édouard-Léon Scott De Martinville - Au Clair De La Lune

    Thought to be the world's oldest sound recording.
    At the time there was no technology to play it back.

  8. Ramones - Mental Hell

    The Ramones on cardboard -- a format commonly referred to as a "Polish postcard".

  9. 2econd Class Citizen - Perception / Identity

    Polish postcard records are still being made... in 2012!

  10. Brass Band Gürbetal - Helvetia

    3 For Sale from $10.00

    A spin on the regular so-called Polish Postcards, this is a playable card that includes a 5SF postage stamp to be used for genuine mail (or could probably be sent, as is).

  11. Gibby Haynes - Paul's Not Home

    Punk pressed onto actual X-ray sheets.

    Fun fact: This was popular practice in Soviet Russia.

  12. Billboard Combat - Metastasis

    4 For Sale from $144.33

    Each record is guaranteed to sound different if only you'd dare drop a needle on it.

  13. Panicsville - Four Notes In Search Of A Tune

    2 For Sale from $75.00

    Created by piecing together the broken remains of multiple separate vinyls with hot glue.

    Also playable at 78RPM for a much more hardstyle effect.

  14. Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Unplayable

    The name says it all: It's a piece of art, not a record.

  15. King Drecksack - The Real Vermin

    2 For Sale from $11.10

    It's a piece of art, not a CD.

  16. :zoviet-france:* - Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music

    2 For Sale from $65.79

    Two tapes that came with radioactive feathers and instructions on what to do with those and the other included paraphernalia.

    This is just one example. The type of bonus material (matter) that comes with some audio products is, to put it mildly, astounding.

  17. Pigeon* - Mouldy Dough **the Official V/Vm Anthem**

    7 For Sale from $13.14

    Comes with free feather and pigeon poo.

  18. Splinter vs. Stalin - Pasta Electronics II

    CD comes in pasta cardboard box covered with mould. Smells awful.

  19. The Skaters - White Rye Bread

    1 For Sale from $19.99

    Packaged in a ziploc bag between two slices of (mouldy) bread.

  20. FM3 - Buddha Machine

    1 For Sale from $55.56

    And it has a follow-up model, too.

  21. Lemonade (2) - Pure Moods

    MP3 files on a memory stick in a rubberised, wearable bracelet.

  22. Oorlog Frankenstein - Oorlog Frankenstein

    Dongles come in all shapes and sizes...

  23. Die Heuwels Fantasties - Pille Vir Kersfees

    Comes in its own storage jar.

  24. Kyonpalm - Easter Egg 2013

    The chip inside an egg.

  25. Atom™ - Winterreise

    A "playbutton" is a wearable MP3 player in the form of a button/badge.