Freaksville Record

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updated 10 months ago

Freaksville is a DIY indie french pop record label based in Belgium. More than a label, it's a family of french music lovers. It's a team of musicians, illustrators, producers, artists, lyricists from belgium and foreign countries. Our Lps sound different in the small world of french pop music. In fact, a Freaksville song (produced most of the time by the cult belgian artist Miam Monster Miam) is a 'sureallistic' mix of french/english louche chansons, perverted blues, electronic pop and noisy garage rock. This is the essence of Freaksville, all that stuff in one experimental musical pop track !

  1. Jacques Duvall

    Freaksville Record artist Jacques Duvall

  2. Mademoiselle Nineteen

    Freaksville Record artist Mademoiselle Nineteen.

  3. Sophie Galet

    Freaksville Record artist Sophie Galet.

  4. Marie France

    Freaksville Record cult artist and performer from Paris.

  5. Benjamin Schoos

    Freaksville Publishing co-founder, Freaksville Record head, artist, producer A&R and manager.

  6. Marc Wathieu

    Freaksville Publishing co-founder, Freaksville Record guitarist and producer, photographer and graphic designer.

  7. Pascal Schyns

    Freaksville Publishing co-founder, Freaksville Record bass player, photographer and graphic designer Pascal Schyns.

  8. Brian Droid

    Freaksville Record artist Brian Droid.

  9. Phantom (20)

    Freaksville Record band Phantom.

  10. Miam Monster Miam Et Les Love Drones

    Freaksville Record band Miam Monster Miam Et Les Love Drones.

  11. King Lee (2)

    Freaksville artist and A&R for 'Hip Hop Iz Dead' label.

  12. Man From Uranus

    Freaksville Record artist Man From Uranus.

  13. Maxime Wathieu

    Freaksville Record Engineer and producer Maxime Wathieu, also founder member of the belgian power-pop trio The Mash.

  14. Jérôme Danthinne

    Freaksville Record drummer Jérôme Danthinne.

  15. Geoffroy Degand

    Freaksville Record drummer Geoffroy Degand

  16. Juan D'Oultremont

    Freaksville Record artist and performer Juan D'Oultremont.

  17. Brian Carney (3)

    Freaksville Record keyboard player Brian Carney

  18. Philippe Laurent (3)

    Freaksville Record trumpet player Philippe Laurent

  19. Miam Monster Miam

    Freaksville Record artist Miam Monster Miam.

  20. Marc Morgan et les Obstacles

    Freaksville Record band Marc Morgan Et Les Obstacles.

  21. UFO Goes UFA

    Freaksville Record band UFO Goes UFA.

  22. Kramer (2)

    Freaksville Record californian engineer and producer Kramer.

  23. Marc Morgan

    Freaksville Record artist Marc Morgan.

  24. Gilles Martin

    Freaksville Record parisian engineer and producer Gilles Martin.

  25. Henry Graëtz

    Freaksville Record Violin player Henri Graetz.