French Talents In Electronic Music

By psyance_QL psyance_QL
updated 6 days ago

Gathering artists in the wide spectrum of the french electronic scene along with a selection of works (tracks; DJ mixes...) that I like from them.

Made with a certain historical order and a certain flow...

  1. Cerrone


  2. 10


  3. 11


  4. René Roussel


  5. Deep Forest

    >Sweet Lullaby

  6. Laurent Garnier

    >Wake Up
    >Astral Dreams (Speakers Mix)
    >Astral Dreams (Headphone Mix)
    >Crispy Bacon
    >Dangerous Drive
    >City Sphere (Sax Mix)
    >Smart Move
    >The Man With The Red Face
    >Greed 1 (12" Mix)
    >Greed 2 (Long Version)
    >Returning Back To Sirius (as "Alaska")
    >Back To My Roots (Original Afrodiziac Mix)

  7. St Germain

    >The First Time
    >Deep In It

  8. 17



    >The Milky Way (as "Aurora Borealis")

  9. 18

    Scan X

    Scan X

    >Cosmic Rain
    >Liquid Metal
    >Reflex Blue
    >Process Cyan
    >Process Blue
    >Futuristic Funk
    >The Blade

  10. 19



    >Iulia's Temple
    >Like A Bird
    >Forest Of Wonders

  11. 20

    Lady B

    Lady B

    >The Groove Is Going (Evolutive Hard House Mix)
    >Swany (Part I And II)
    >Cruising Around Motor City
    >Accelerator 1 (feat. Thee Acid Bitches)
    >Le Fil Du Razoir

  12. 23



    >Obtuse Corner
    >Skyway Tolls

  13. Chaotik Ramses

    >Wide Bass
    >My Sweet
    >Ebony lianas

  14. Emmanuel Top

    >Turkish Bazar
    >Cosmic Event
    >Acid Phase
    >So Cold
    >Ultra Violet (as "fr f2")