GANGSTER STYLE – A Crowd Donated Installation Art Piece By Stephen Rumney

updated 2 months ago

Throughout the history of pop, record companies have been searching high and low for up and coming talent. Every record company has a team of talent scouts called the A&R department (short for Artists & Repetoir). It is the job of the A&R team to find the next potential idol. If you can sing in tune and have a fresh face with teeny bopper appeal your a candidate for the majors to get behind you and develop you in to star. For those less fortunate in the looks department the route to success is not an easy one and it is pointless living in hope that one day a talent scout will notice you or be interested in your demo tape. In the words of The Godfather himself, instead of waiting for the record company to offer you a deal simply 'make them an offer they can't refuse' and as fast as lightning you'll have your passport to fame rubber stamped. Musseling in to get yourself featured on a record sleeve that will share retail space with the stars is not to hard if you send your boys round to have a word with the A&R team at your local record company. Here are a selection of characters who are not so fortunate in the 'pretty' department and obviously had no interest in taking advice on how to appeal to the record companies core teen demographic. Despite these two major handicaps they somehow managed to get their record released.

THIS IS A CROWD DONATION INSTALLATION ART PIECE… One in a series of Art Pieces I'm creating… if you have any of these covers or any of the covers in my other lists please in box and donate the records and covers to the crowd donated artwork. Condition of record not important :-). To get on the donator's list for the art piece please enclose a note with the package with your credit line "Donated By...". Many thanks for your contribution... Please send donated cover to: Record Cover Installation Project, 53 Belmont Hill, London SE13 5AX, United Kingdom.