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GOOD MUSIC - music that is enjoyable and is worth listening to

There is one common kind of good music: the Best Records Ever Made type, which include tracks which are clearly competent musically; made by singers who can sing, players who can play, and producers who can produce.

  1. 10cc - Ten Out Of 10

    4 For Sale from $4.98

    B5 Run Away

  2. 10cc - Look Hear?

    64 For Sale from $1.12

    B1 It Doesn't Matter At All

  3. 10cc - Bloody Tourists

    16 For Sale from $2.81

    A2 For You And I

  4. 10cc - It Doesn't Matter At All

    3 For Sale from $1.12

    A It Doesn't Matter At All

  5. Cyndi Grecco

    Excellent, fantastic pop singer with a very good, strong and powerful, big womanly mezzo-soprano!