Goa-Psy double CD compilations in Digipak®

By Joseph_S Joseph_S
updated 5 months ago

I'm a digipak aficionado. There have been a lot of double Goa-Psychedelic CD compilations in this format with stupendous artwork and mostly from Germany. Take a look and enjoy. The list will for the moment include only pre-millennium releases which are unquestionably the better not only in artwork but also musically.

There is a big (if not bigger) number of double digipak compilations released from year 2000 onwards but my list will only include the oldschool stuff for now (1995-1999)

The list is somewhat ordered this way :-
*longest compilation series first
*second/third longest compilation series next
*short lived series/one off compilations next
*always in year order

Those items which have a © after the description means the CD is in my collection. And in case you are asking yourself: no, I'm not on a mindset to have them all but I wouldn't mind having them all ;)

  1. Various - Goa-Head Vol 1

    3 For Sale from $5.88

    Read my review on release page. ©

  2. Various - Goa-Head Vol.2

    6 For Sale from $4.71

    Read my review on release page. ©

  3. Various - Greetings From Goa

    4 For Sale from $18.25

    Read my review on release page. ©

  4. Various - Goa-Head Vol.3

    8 For Sale from $7.88

    Read my review on release page. ©

  5. Various - Goa-Head Vol.4

    12 For Sale from $8.22

    Great track selection. V.T.O.L. and the James Bond Theme make it worth alone but there is much more. Восток 5 remains a favourite. ©

  6. Various - Goa-Head Vol. 5

    4 For Sale from $5.88

    Read my review on release page. ©

  7. Various - Goa-Head Vol.6

    3 For Sale from $5.87

    This is the compilation which started the ball rolling for me when I bought it in 1999. ©

  8. Various - Goa-Head Vol. 7

    10 For Sale from $5.87

    Read my review on release page. ©

  9. Various - Goa-Head Volume 8

    7 For Sale from $5.53

    This one has it all: pure Goa, Full-on, Progressive, Downtempo, bad and inappropriate tracks too, or in a few words the 1999-syndrome. ©

  10. Various - Goa-Head Volume 9

    12 For Sale from $5.88

    A bit better than the previous volume with a better sense of flow. A typical 1999 fusion of PsyGoaProgTechtrance. ©

  11. Various - Pulse - This Is Psychedelic Trance

    10 For Sale from $5.76

    A blistering compilation. All tracks are from 1995. It's not 100% Goa but any oldschooler will enjoy the others too. Don't be a purist! ©

  12. Various - Pulse (The 2nd Psychedelic Chapter)

    15 For Sale from $7.06

    Worth for Vitan alone, but most of the rest is cracking. Rare tracks like Tinkerbell which has been always overshadowed by Granada and the oddly titled Miles And Smiles are gold dust. ©

  13. Various - Pulse - The 3rd Psychedelic Mindwarp

    12 For Sale from $2.35

    Very, very good compilation. Magnetic Activity is my favourite here, together with The Great Spirit. ©

  14. Various - Pulse - The 4th Dimension

    3 For Sale from $11.00

    Unfortunately this isn't at par with the previous 3 volumes. The problem seems to be disc 1 principally. It has at least 2 tracks from 1994 which already sounded dated in 1997. Luckily most of disc 2 is a pure psychedelic blast you would expect from 1997. ©

  15. Various - Pulse 5 - From Here To Enlightenment (Jubilee Edition)

    Wow! What can I say about this?! As if the track selection on 2 discs wasn't huge enough we are blessed with a bonus mix CD impeccably mixed! ©

  16. Various - Pulse 6 - The Next Generation

    14 For Sale from $2.35

    Released early '98 with all titles from 1997. Expand The Room has that "Trance feel" which a few months after would invade the scene. Included is an exclusive Slinky Wizard track. Favourites are the futuristic and industrial sounding Donuts and Colombian Necktie and the heavenly Space Angel. Anne Clark's track is totally out of place but I still find this compilation very good! ©

  17. Various - Pulse Volume 7 - The 7th Stage

    12 For Sale from $3.53

    This is where things started to take different directions. No Psybreaks here but there are some noisy, Techno influenced hard tracks. The compilation is just above average. Disc 2 is my pick. ©

  18. Various - Tantrance - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance

    11 For Sale from $5.88

    The artwork is a work-of-art. Released in the good old 1995 it has both super Goa classics and Techno tracks. Superstars Carl Cox, Speedy J and Laurent Garnier sit on the same row with Hallucinogen, Total Eclipse, Astral Projection, Doof, Transwave, Juno Reactor, Cosmosis and T.I.P. Good old days when good music was just MUSIC and no definitions and purists nosing around!
    Check out the mesmerising Techno track Pulseman vs. Sineman and the adrenaline inducing Galaxian. ©

  19. Various - Tantrance 2 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance

    10 For Sale from $11.18

    This is easily the best Tantrance. Just look at the tracklist. ©

  20. Various - Tantrance 3 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance

    14 For Sale from $10.00

    Most of this is your typical 1996 Goa Trance which read in another way means it's very good. Included also Der Dritte Raum's Techno classic Trommelmaschine, a track which strangely found itself on some Goa compilations. ©

  21. Various - Tantrance 4 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance

    9 For Sale from $4.00

    Natural Born Killer is my favourite here, followed by Technossomy and Etnica. ©

  22. Various - Tantrance 5 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance

    3 For Sale from $19.95

    This one makes me wonder. While disc 1 is fun-tastic disc 2 has a handful of off-style tracks, namely Warcry, Power Cult, Amorphgeocrime Trysynergie and Discorder. It was the only CD having the Pleiadians remix of Full Mental Jackpot unless you were lucky enough to have that infamous Auracle EP CD before it was re-issued in 2013. ©

  23. Various - Tantrance 6 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance

    11 For Sale from $5.00

    Nothing to say here except that it's one of my favourites. ©

  24. Various - Tantrance 7 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance

    6 For Sale from $8.88

    Now we're talking 1998. Progressive hits disc 1, but disc 2 still has old-styled melodic Goa tunes. Astral Projection's ender puts my nerves on though, it's way too stretched. ©

  25. Various - Tantrance 8 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance

    3 For Sale from $17.65

    Funnily enough this is less on the Progressive side than the previous volume released a year earlier! It has a lot of obscure tracks, a filler or two but a lot of 1999 Goa trance just before the scene turned to progressive and minimalism. ©