Great albums to grab for cheap

By Toadspotter Toadspotter
updated 22 days ago

Just a list that includes albums from all genres, especially genres that are more sought on vinyl. I welcome suggestions.

  1. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Rasta Revolution

    21 For Sale from $6.43

    This is essentially the sought after soul rebel album with the addition of one of Bob's best widely unknown songs 'Mr. Brown'. Stripped down of the usual fixins and produced by Lee Perry. I'd put it in top ten reggae albums.

  2. Boney M. - Nightflight To Venus

    80 For Sale from $1.79

    Super unique disco album like a shy Prince with Ladies who take control and add a African chant style element. One of the best disco songs ever 'Rasputin' on here.

  3. Space - Magic Fly

    an electronic daft punk influence that was a hit back when so lots around especially the US version for cheap.

  4. Kebekelektrik - Kebekelektrik

    Electro -disco with awesome cover

  5. Bobbie Gentry - Ode To Billie Joe

    Souther n soul sweetness. She seems like the Amy Winehouse of her day -an awesome unique singer with a small guitar with an album produced with great deep soul instrumentation. Nothing better to eat fried chicken too.

  6. Change - The Glow Of Love

    Italo disco - a surpringly good jammer with a great vocalist. I'm mostly into side two with the dude's vocals. The last song really surprises, being different from rest of the album as a krautrock style disco synth jam.

  7. Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day

    293 For Sale from $3.81

    Prices are obviously changing for anything by the purple one, but this still is obtainable for cheap and has some of his best songs.

  8. Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle

    I have been spinning this album over and over since I got it. Kraut rock influenced slightly gothy and an 80's sound before the 80's. Still cheap!

  9. The Zombies - Time Of The Zombies

    60's pop-sike. All the best Zombies stuff on a 2 Lp set for a very reasonable price. Analogue era release.

  10. Tom Tom Club - Tom Tom Club

    Excellent synth art post-disco dub mix up.

  11. Etta Jones - Don't Go To Strangers

    23 For Sale from $3.00

    This one has sold so many bad condition ones it's brought the price down. Not as good as some Etta James but Good chill female jazz. Make your gf happy by playing this at dinner instead of Metallica.

  12. New Order - 1981-1982

    48 For Sale from $6.99

    A nice 30 minute long EP transition album with New Order at their sweet spot.

  13. Jonzun Crew* - Lost In Space

    39 For Sale from $2.01

    Electro breakdance 80's style with great synths.

  14. The Flying Lizards - The Flying Lizards

    Great experimental synth dub with a bit of 80's style new wave funk. Like Tom Tom club's best with more oddness and funk.

  15. King Sunny Adé And His African Beats* - Juju Music

    Great chill African Juju music with some crazy things in the mix like Hawaiian sounding slide guitar and some psych reverb.

  16. Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs / Barrett

    Great way to get analogue presses of these two gems for much cheaper.

  17. Nancy Sinatra - Nancy's Greatest Hits

    Lots of this is with Lee Hazelwood and just awesome.

  18. The Charlie Byrd Quartet - Let Go

    You can quite a few Charlie Byrd albums for cheap and many of them are very nice listenable chill bossa nova guitar that sound sweet on vinyl.

  19. Thin Lizzy Featuring Eric Bell (2) And Gary Moore - Remembering

    Some of the best chill 70s rock. Their two awesome first albums that go for $$$ altogether on an analogue vintage press, plus EPs and singles.

  20. Gilberto Gil - Nightingale

    Nice exotic mix of influences, something nice and different to play. So perfectly of its time and place.

  21. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes* - Renaissance

    Very nice Soul space jazz funk mix. His albums are very good and but seem to keep a low price which is surprising for this stuff this good in this genre.

  22. Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess

    More good spacey sould jazz funk

  23. Quincy Jones - Walking In Space

    The only Quincy I have and want. The Dude may be more popular, but that is disco and this is chill grooves. To quote the review "Quincy perfectly captures the epitome of 70's funky, mellow psych-jazz fusion in bright sparkling washes of stereo soundscape grooves to jam along to"

  24. Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

    184 For Sale from $14.00

    This is one of my favorite synth albums, you get two for the money and right now used copies are very affordable for that.

  25. Ron Carter - Blues Farm

    Some of this CTI jazz soul funk stuff is so good but not too sought. I love this one by the busiest jazz bassist there ever was. His Where is good too.