Great (electronic) disco records.

By narcisco narcisco
updated over 5 years ago

50+ personal favourites. In no particular order.

  1. Belle Epoque - Bamalama

    57 For Sale from $0.27

    The B-Side is simply great. The same synthesizer that's on the Automat album is used here. Sounds incredible.

  2. Bob-A-Rela - Bob-A-Rela

    55 For Sale from $2.00

    "Why Does It Rain" is my favourite on this record.

  3. Peter Jacques Band - Welcome Back

    13 For Sale from $4.40

    I love "Exotically"

  4. Change - A Lover's Holiday / The End

    16 For Sale from $16.48

    Love the B-side.

  5. HOT R.S. - House Of The Rising Sun

    28 For Sale from $8.54

    Weird and lovely artwork, and a great version of "House Of The Rising Sun".

  6. Easy Going - Fear

    62 For Sale from $1.10

    Fear stands out. The rest is nice and I love the cover.

  7. Donna Summer - Once Upon A Time...

    I think side B is among the best stuff Donna Summer did.

  8. Gainsbourg* - Sea Sex And Sun / Mister Iceberg

    12 For Sale from $13.19

    I love a lot of the Stuff Serge Gainsbourg made, and this disco song of him is no exception.

  9. Space - Magic Fly

    70 For Sale from $3.30

    "Magic Fly" remains a great electronic disco song. Carry On, Turn Me On is at least just as great.

  10. Viola Wills - If You Could Read My Mind

    60 For Sale from $1.65

    Great lengthy mix that doesn't get boring.

  11. Tod Foster - Dancin' / I Fell In Love With An Angel

    50 For Sale from $0.86

    Early Bobby "O" production. Not as HINRG yet as his later work. Like this a lot.

  12. Slick (2) - Slick

    9 For Sale from $11.58

    The whole World's dancing is pretty disappointing, but the other songs are all great.