Greatest Electronic Music Albums

By Chelsea1979
updated over 5 years ago

Includes what I consider to be proper" Techno, Electro, Electronica, Dub, Dubstep, UK Garage, Downtempo, Trip-hop, House, Ambient, Avantgarde, Drone, Experimental, IDM, Breakbeat, EBM/EDM, Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Industrial/Noise, Acid, Trance, Goa, Disco/Italo-Disco, etc. plus all the good sh!t in between (though in no particular order) from not only all kinds of artists residing around the world but in addition to a handful of releases of just about every sort that deserve way more exposure to say the least, if not just as equal recognition as Jeff Mills. Period. Also it should be noted that I am updating this list frequently, so stay tuned and keep headbanging, as the majority of what's on here (whether it's Vinyl, Cassette, CD, or digital—as the format really doesn't matter per say, at least imo) should be enough to devastate the dancefloor to the point to where it's beyond repair, or even in pieces! Regardless however of the fact that not all of these albums are generally meant to be danced to, or played in a dance hall, however that still should not deter you from checking them out or giving them a listen. Anyway whatever you do though, definitely be sure to NOT miss these records by any means!

  1. 12 For Sale from $5.00

    For 1997, this is some classic work by Umek. Just about every track is slamming on this 2xLP!

  2. 9 For Sale from $3.72

    Like Umek, Slobodan really delivers with this one (as he pretty much always does)! Amazing.

  3. 9 For Sale from $8.54

    The first 2xLP release on the Code Red sublabel proves to be well worth the spin, or spins.

  4. 11 For Sale from $1.83

    Inigo kills it with his head-spinning debut EP "Automation Makers Art" on ZET in 1996.

  5. 5 For Sale from $4.50

    Bloody damn massive EP (if not also flawless) that is relentlessly fierce and for whatever odd reason is rated surprisingly kinda low, esp in comparison to Ex006 since you get 2 extra tracks. However despite that, it is still definitely worthy of picking up for those two tracks alone as all 5 are killer, and needless to say are guaranteed to rip through your speakers, or sound system the moment you put the record on.

  6. 9 For Sale from $4.52

    This is pretty much ABB08 but sadly with the B1 & B3 tracks "Cysteine" & "Memathionine" omitted, even though Memathionine is basically an outro. Regardless, it still kicks major ass!

  7. 7 For Sale from $5.49

    Just like Inigo Kennedy, Umek kills it with his 96' grand debut on ZET who's tenacity sets the bar for what would become his signature style; bold, brash, & tenacious with a hint of industrial. Regardless even though there's only two tracks on this record, I frequently have this blasting on repeat!

  8. Basic Implant's 2xLP album "Back in Black" is def one of the most utter sickly, nastiest, & downright darkest Techno albums I've ever heard.. interestingly enough, as weird as it may sound, it's almost evil in a way with an tangible atmosphere so thick you can cut it with a knife amidst the hardcore, melodic rhythms, distorted vox & clever beats that assault the ears in one of the best ways possible; there's a reason it's called "Fine Audio Recordings".

  9. 4 For Sale from $12.77

    Brother's Yard double LP from 1996 on AB proves to be a force not to be reckoned with!

  10. 18 For Sale from $5.32

    Interesting stuff from early Umek that is just as bold & noteworthy as his 'Audio' double LP since just about every track on here is sure enough to ignite the dancefloor!

  11. 7 For Sale from $5.31

    Brother's yards' debut EP from late October of 96' still packs a punch, it's a stonecold killer.

  12. 5 For Sale from $8.51

    Incredible work as per usual by Brother's Yard, what a trip!

  13. 16 For Sale from $5.36

    Fumiya Tanaka's extraordinary Time EP is timeless in itself!

  14. 9 For Sale from $17.02

    Woah, like other people have stated, for 95' this is definitely a real gem! It's raw, banging, as well as downright crazy.

  15. 6 For Sale from $12.00

    Laura Grabb's first EP is a real pounding dancefloor stormer, as well as a significant gem of a record in hardcore/techno history.

  16. 15 For Sale from $21.27

    This is single handedly one of the most important Dub records ever!