Greatest techno, trance and club trax of all time

By Davros Davros
updated over 10 years ago

From about 89 to 93, something wonderful happened to the world's electronic producers. They were touched by the hand of God, and gave us these unforgettable pieces of electronic magic.

  1. Supertronic Co. - Volume II

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    There was one DJ in Melbourne who really made this sublime sunrise track his own - Jeff Tyler. On many occasions, with Jeff closing out a night of hard dancefloor action, he would stop the music, and drop this simply beautiful piece right from the start as the nights final track. Resplendant with tibetan throat chanting, forest noises lifted from The KLF Chill Out album, a slow and tough breakbeat, and uplifting piano, Sunrise was the perfect landing for a night of mayhem.

  2. R.J.'s Rule - Rave This Nation

    This one track captures all that was best musically in 1992. Despite being released the year prior, it was in 1992 this track received a flogging on Melbourne dancefloors. When I think of rave - I will always think of this brilliant 5 minutes of pure dancefloor energy.

  3. Humanoid - The Deep

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    "Cry Baby" by Humanoid of "Stakker" fame, has to be my favourite bouncey acid house anthem. The bassline is so infectious, the breathy invitation of "make me cry", just makes me want to grind my hips and pout like a naughty schoolgirl.

  4. Smart Systems, Indo Tribe, Yage - Pulse Three

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    Wow... I mean, WOW. How many breakbeat monsters can you fit on one EP? The answer? 3! Tingler by Smart Systems sounds like a hostile alien invasion force descending on Earth and pounding the populace into submission with gargantuan breakbeats. And Owl, arguably one of the all time greatest rave anthems, sounds like the alien Mothership has landed and commences issuing her sonic commands to the minions of Earth. Huge, dark, foreboding sounds that make you screw your face up and exclaim - "what the fuck is this?!". But please don't forget Yage Calcium, nowhere near as heavy and hardcore as the other two, it's the more peaceful aftermath, but a beautiful piece of music nonetheless and sublimely crafted with a soundscape that's just as alien, just not as angry.

  5. Cosmic Enterprises - Tao Nonstop / Ratio Tao

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    Cosmic Baby made an immense and enduring impact on the Melbourne techno and rave scene. Introducing us to a new sound called "trance", defined by rich melodies, crystal clean production and sounds that carried us on waves of emotion. This was one of his earliest productions and remains to this day one of his most recognisable to those that were there. It's minimal, simple, but unmistakably Cosmic and an interesting taste of many many wonderful productions that were to come from this extremely talented German wunderkind.

  6. Fazer - Tekknological Crime

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    For my money, Raizzer / Hellraizer is one of the greatest hardcore anthems that never was. Few other techno tracks from this period out of Germany even came close to the ripping mayhem and incredible builds of Raizzer. Maybe it was just a Melbourne thing (it was never played here), so I'm hoping there were DJs who championed this record overseas.

    Oddly, Raizzer starts with a basic house piano and female vocal, and perhaps it was the producer's plan to lull the dancefloor into a false sense of fluffiness, but detuned analogue syntheziser patterns drop not long into the record and the piano quickly disappears. Steady lifts in pitch are introduced by the sound of a needle being dragged across a record. And for those with no patience for the intro, Hellraizzer is exactly the same track but dispenses with the piano and goes straight for the dirty action. This jams in all the best elements of the rave, techno and acid sounds of the day. Do yourself a favour - buy it - play it - and live the dream baby...

  7. X-es - Vol. One

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    Out of my entire collection, this one took me the longest to track down, and therefore has a very special place in my heart. It's pure techno dancefloor heaven with just two vocals delivering simple instructions: "dance!" and "woo!".