Guitarists Contributing To My VINYL Craze

By d-of d-of
updated 18 days ago

No particular order ¾♭ƒ♪♫♬ List Under progress

  1. Jimi Hendrix

    especially in creativity; but his songwriting,singing and especially the way he put the guitar to his singing, sort of similar to 'scat', were all super

  2. T-Bone Walker

    before Hendrix was #1 most influencial-----blah blah blah

  3. Alvin Lee

    R.I.P. Alvin, tried to see you in 1986 or so, but turned away at the border. Long time #1 to me, now I try to be less 'numerically' driven.
    Your passing inspired my list.

  4. Duane Allman

    really the 'ultimate' sideman, slide player, beautiful music

  5. Peter Green (2)

    awesome guitarist etc and songwriter;
    carlos plays peters 'black magic woman' note for note

  6. Leo Kottke

    all 10 fingers pickin at once wow

  7. Chuck Berry

    True "King of Rock and Roll" with his great guitar and what a great songwriter and stotyteller!!

  8. Robert Johnson

    voice to guitar, an early hendrix

  9. Larry Coryell

    my fave fusion player

  10. Jesse Ed Davis

    overlooked,under-rated, check out Taj Mahal's "Leaving Trunk"

  11. Gabor Szabo


  12. John McLaughlin

    with Miles Davis yeah