Happy thrift store finds

By DenkiGroove DenkiGroove
updated 18 days ago

  1. Marie-Ange Leurent, Eric Lebrun - Culte Marial Et Opera

    I'm always on the lookout for weird or unusual releases (as most other collectors are of course) and this one is pretty interesting to me. Not only do I enjoy the music greatly (partly due to, in my opinion, a very natural and pleasing production) but being a collection of lesser known works interpreted, recorded and shared with obvious passion but seemingly distributed in limited quantity, this double CD set is everything I look for when I go thrifting.

  2. Claude Bolling Big Band - Rolling With Bolling - Intégrale 1973-1983

    6 For Sale from $7.67

    What is better than finding cool and exciting music you didn't know existed ? Finding all of it at once, of course ! Most of what I get is in really good shape, but this one was pretty much brand new as well.

  3. Jean Michel Jarre* - Complete Oxygene

    3 For Sale from $22.22

    1€ for two discs of amazing music will never be an offer I can turn down.

  4. Strauss*, Ormandy*, The Philadelphia Orchestra - Viennese Waltzes And Polkas

    6 For Sale from $2.22

    Great recording and one I come back to often.

  5. Pierre Henry, Michel Colombier - Messe Pour Le Temps Présent / Le Voyage

    8 For Sale from $5.56

    Messe pour le Temps Présent is to me a nasty stain on Henry's discography, but I greatly enjoyed the companion piece on this disc.

  6. Josquin Desprez* - A Sei Voci, Bernard Fabre-Garrus - Missa Pange Lingua & Motets

    2 For Sale from $13.90

    This one had a magazine clipping with a review inside as well as some handwritten notes, I like knowing that the music I get was something special to its previous owner.

  7. Andrea Falconieri, Ensemble Fitzwilliam - Fantasies, Danses, Villanelle, Arie

    1 For Sale from $4.44

    One of my very earliest finds and one I'm glad I picked up