Haunted Spaces: 100 Best Dark Ambient Albums 2000-2009

By SPoekast SPoekast
updated over 7 years ago

Still working on polishing up this list. It's in a decent but not complete order... i.e. I've actually thought about why every album is ranked where it is.


- Someone wrote me and told me this list was "awesome"... thanks!

- Inade's "Colliding Dimensions is not on this list because it is a collection that contains most of its material outside the 2000-2009 period. Also this list uses original release dates (e.g. the 2006 re-release of Where the Black Stars Hang first released in 1994 is ineligible to make this list).

  1. S/M* - The Unbearable Darkness Of Being

    I can't believe this album is legally free. You can download it off the Dark Winter label website. A note to budding musicians: listen to the mastering and production on this album, it's fantastic. Also wildly inventive. It's only got one other vote besides mine? Crazy stuff.