“Heavy Metal Thunder”... Revisited! (Even MORE Kick-Ass Cover Art From Kick-Ass Albums)

By crimsonmetal74
updated about 12 hours ago

Part 2...The ongoing list! These are my own personal selections and not from a book like the first list was.

Everything from “Classic Hard Rock” and “Alternative Metal” to Death Metal, Black Metal, Power Metal, Doom, Thrash, Speed Metal, Crossover and Grindcore.

Includes artwork for digital releases.

(15,000th release added on 6/19/2022)
(16,000th release added on 10/9/2022)
(17,000th release added on 10/25/2022)
(18,000th release added on 11/7/2022)
(19,000th release added on 11/25/2022)