Highest Rated Albums on Discogs

By Tennant Tennant
updated over 4 years ago

*now only ratings over 4.85 will be added // List has been updated and a lot of (good) albums have been kicked off! *

Ratings from 4.8 to 4.85 go to this list: http://www.discogs.com/lists/Highest-Rated-Albums-Part-2/118070

1) Newer "albums" are generally rated higher than old ones -- probably people are more enthusiastic over "new" music. Older music in Discogs is the rating people put after listening to it for many years. (Esp since Discogs was founded, what, 10 years ago -- after a lot of the releases were already available).

1.5) Also, some old "classic" releases get a higher score, "just" because they are "classic" --- even if they sound a little dated.

2) There's always a core group of people who love almost anything. Ex: Most releases have at least 6 ratings, probably their friend, family, and hardcore fans -- who usually give it a 5.

3) As more people get an "album" and rate the release, the score will usually be lower than those with fewer ratings. Probably because the more "mainstream" fans are buying the release and aren't as fanatic about the releases.

3.5) Rare albums get high ratings as they aren't available to the mainstream and tend to gain a higher value in the eyes of their owners.

4) Some people just really love certain sub-genres (DUB TECHNO!) of music, and rate them higher than others.

My top 5 personal favourites of the list (a very difficult choice):
James Holden - Balance 005
Gas - Nah Und Fern
Dousk - DIY
Irezumi - Endurance
Solar Fields - Leaving Home

thanks to contributors mangoapina, ilmar 2350, lekillier, neandrewthal, davidknunes, Sinusoide

  1. Stereociti - Kawasaki

    4.97 (70) house

  2. cv313 - Live

    4.96 (130) dub techno

  3. cv313 - Subtraktive

    4.95 (70) dub techno

  4. Evan Marc + Steve Hillage - Dreamtime Submersible

    4.94 (140) dub techno, ambient

  5. Deadbeat - Radio Rothko

    4.93 (60) dub techno

  6. Morphology - Urania's Mirror

    4.92 (60) electro

  7. Delano Smith - An Odyssey

    4.92 (50) house

  8. Seba - Return To Forever

    4.9 (70) drum n bass

  9. DJ Sprinkles - Midtown 120 Blues

    4.89 (120) deep house

  10. Dousk - D.I.Y.

    4.89 (110) progressive house, ambient

  11. bvdub - Daydreams Of Exile

    4.89 (60) dub techno, ambient