Hip Hop, Electro & Electro Funk / Boogie related Acetates

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Here a nice list of Acetates ( Hip Hop, Electro, Electro Funk & Boogie related ). Often unique pieces, sometimes 2-5 copies have been cut. Some acetates of known releases include different and unreleased versions. Of course this list also includes totally unreleased Acetates, would say that these are the most intertesting ones!

  1. Ice Tea* - Congo Rap / Too Cold

    This one's really hot, hot as hell! This one's totally unreleased! An unheard track from 1983 by Grandmaster Ice-T, unbelievable! Congo Rap is pure Old School, to be true the Rhymes are very similar to "Cold Wind Madness", but the rappin style and the music are so extremely different. The track "Too Cold" is a slightly different version of "Cold Wind Madness", sounds a little bit different. The rapping is to loud ...it feels like Ice is sitting in the same room and busting some live rhymes hahaha ....

  2. Ice-T - The Iceberg (Freedom Of Speech... Just Watch What You Say)

    original Acetate(s) of this great Ice T LP, love this one ....

  3. Ice-T - Pusher Man / Girls L.G.B.N.A.F.

    What a killer acetate here, aside the early 80s stuff this is one of my favorite tracks by ICE! Here called "Pusher Man" like the original track by "Curtis Mayfield", later released under the known title "I'm your pusher".

  4. Ice-T - I'm Your Pusher

    I have supmitted the Test Pressing & the 12" Acetate(s) of "I'm your Pusher" allready ...so here we go with the 10" Acetate containing the 7" Version! Ice T Classic

  5. Ice-T - Heartbeat (7" Remix Edit)

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    nice Acetate of Ice-T classic "Heartbeat", 10"

  6. Various - Colors (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    Very dope Acetate here, the original Mastering Acetate of this mega dope Hip Hop soundtrack, maybe the freshest Hip Hop Soundtrack ever released, bangers only

  7. Roger* - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag / So Ruff, So Tuff

    Original Mastering Acetate of this "Roger (Troutman)" Electro Funk Classic .... Talk Box Crazyness

  8. Everlast - I Got The Knack / Pay The Price

    Extremely cool Acetate! When I bought this record 20 years ago or so I bought it because of "Pay the Price", I never liked "I got the Knack" that much! And the interesting thing is that this Acetate includes the Instrumental version of "Pay the Price". This version is not available on any regular releases! Also the LP version of "I got the Knack" is not on the regular 12", just on the LP, so a second bonus!

  9. 90 M.P.H. - Mackframalama

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    Original Mastering Acetate of the only "90 MPH" Album

  10. 2Pac - Thugz Mansion

    Dope 2Pac Acetate of Thugz Mansion ! He was dead already (RIP) but his skills went on!

  11. L.A. Dream Team - She Only Rock And Rolls / Start To Stop

    Mega dope 10" Mastering Acetate of this L.A. Dream Team Classic! 2 dope tunes. ...especially the B-Side "Stop to Start" is so amazing ....Vocoder Love Song, dopeness

  12. LA Dream Team* - You're Slippin

    Cool Acetate of this LA Dream Team Hip Hop classic! Includes the 7" Version which seems to be unreleased, at least I have never seen a 7" of this release! Also the acetate is from 1988, the regular release came out in 1989!

  13. Dream Team* - Doin' The Nasty / Jungle Jam

    Great original 10" Acetate of this last L.A. Dream Team Release

  14. Schoolly D - How A Blackman Feels

    Dope Acetate of this Classic "Schoolly D" Album !!

  15. West Coast Crew - Jealous People / Incognito

    of the regular release.Great piece here! Got this one from a guy who got it from "Lemon Lime" personally. As per this guy only one Acetate exist, even it seems that 3 more people have this one as well ! Anyway, as per Lemon Lime this one was planed to be the 1st release on KMA! On the flipside is a track called "Incognito", in fact it's an incredible and totally unreleased DUB version of "Jealous People". They changed mind and released it with the track "We are the Crew" on the flipside. So this incredible version is only on this acetate!

  16. West Coast Crew - Wild

    Very interesting Acetate of the "Jam Power" Mini-Album by "West Coast Crew" ! Interesting because it includes 2 different "unreleased" Versions of the Song "Wild", also it includes and "unreleased" Radio Version of the song "We are the Crew" which was not on the official release (came out one year later in 1985). The Track "Incognito" is an "unreleased" Instrumental Dub Version of "Jealous People", on the official Release they included a Long and a Short Version!
    The song "Rap Session" is totally missing on this Acetate ! the Songs "We really do like to Rock" and the Vocal Version of "Jealous People" are the same Versions as on the official Release!

    I recorded sound samples of the unreleased Versions, check em' out!!!

    Wild (Long Version) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylYh6JQELZg&feature=youtu.be

    We are the Crew (Radio Version) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCgP0d7AFqI&feature=youtu.be

    Incognito (Instr.-Dub) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc_HgkpOFCg
    (this Version is also available on the following unreleased Acetate: https://www.discogs.com/West-Coast-Crew-Jealous-People-Incognito/release/2523917)

  17. Jimmy Lewis - Street Freeks

    Mega dope Acetate here of this amazing Electro Banger by Jimmy Lewis & the Street People! Another Rich Cason Beast, I love this man! Rest in Beats almighty Rich Cason

  18. Captain Rapp - Bad Times, I Can't Stand It

    Awesome Acetate here! This is the original Mastering Acetate of "Bad Times" by "Captain Rapp". Historical Records, the door opener for West Coast Hip Hop ! Music by Rich Cason (RIP), Rap by "Captain Rapp" and female hook by "Kimberly Ball". West Coast rarity

  19. Uncle Jam's Army* - Dial A Freak / Yes Yes

    This Acetate is really incredible, a piece of West Coast Electro History! This was the first official release by "Egyptian Lover", also it was the first release on the amazing "Freak Beat" Label (later it became Egyptian Empire) and this was the only co-operation between Egyptian Lover & Rich Cason (Rest in Peace). Museum Piece

  20. Richard Cason* - Magic Mike

    Pure Electro heat here! This Acetate includes 2 very different versions of "Magic Mike" better known as "Magic Mike Theme". The only known release of this one is on "Rappers Rapp Records" under the Artist Name "Magic Mike crew". This one's by Rich Cason (RIP) as artist! This one was planed to be released on "Saturn Records" under the cat.-no SAT-2006, this cat number was missing for many many years! About the versions, I know it's hard to believe, but they are much much better than the known ones, I was so shocked when I listend to them. Part II includes many never heard melodies and sounds, to sad that it have never been released. This Acetate is UNIQUE, came from Rich's doughter. This Acetate never left the Cason Castle .....HipHop Electro History!

  21. Rich Cason & The Galactic Orch.* - Space Connection

    Cali Electro History! Original Acetate of "Rich Cason's" Space Connection 2012! As you can see the acetate dates 1984 while the regular release came out in 1985! West Coast Electro at its best!!!!!!!

  22. Rich Cason - When Doves Cry Rapp

    Look at this niceness! The original Acetate of this Electro / Electro Rap classic by the legendary "Rich Cason" RIP ! One of the really greatest West Coast Electro & Hip Hop producers, West Coast Pioneer !!!!!

  23. Formula V - Determination

    Amazing Acetate here, the "Determination" Album by "Rich Cason's" "Formula V". This Album includes "Killer Groove", one of the dopest West Coast Electro Tunes of all time! Museum Piece!!

  24. Jamie Jupitor - Computer Power

    Maybe my favoritete Electro Tune of all Egyptian Lover Tunes! And this is the original Mastering Acetate. Computer Power, one of the freshest West Coast Electro Tunes of all times, 100 % Classic .....West Coast Museum Piece !!