Holy Tape Grails

By CassetteCavern CassetteCavern
updated 15 days ago

Self releases, early demos, extremely limited runs, etc. Tapes worth selling your soul for.

  1. Pixies - Pixies

    1 For Sale from $800.00

    Pixies self released first album (1987)

  2. Weezer - Opposite Sides Of The Same Good Ol' Fence

    Also known as "The Kitchen Tape". Recorded on 8track and handed out at clubs. Many of the songs on this demo appear on the Blue Album. (1992)

  3. Chuck Person - Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1

    2 For Sale from $1,900.00

    Daniel Lopatin (OPN) side project. First true vaporwave album. (2010).

  4. Solid Space (2) - Space Museum

    One of the most cherished DIY obscurities of all time. Minimal pop synth / post punk. (1982)

  5. Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

    First physical release from Will Toledo. This is the tape that launched CSH towards indie superstardom. (2011)

  6. Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator

    Kraftwerk cassingle packaged in a calculator. Does it get any cooler? (1981)

  7. Beck - Banjo Story

    Beck's folkly, lo-fi debut album. Self released. (1988)

  8. Throbbing Gristle - 24 Hours

    26 cassettes neatly packaged in a suitcase. Mostly live performances. Released by TG's Industrial Records. (1980).

  9. Primus - Sausage

    Self released demo tape. (1988)

  10. Microphones* - Microphone

    First album from Phil Elverum's Microphones project. Recorded in Anacortes, WA for Bret Lundsford's (of Beat Happening) label Knw-Yr-Own. (1997)

  11. Bikini Kill - Revolution Girl Style Now

    1 For Sale from $200.00

    Bikini Kill's self released debut album. Start of the riot grrl movement. (1991)

  12. Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

    1 For Sale from $400.00

    RATM first album. Self released. Includes matchstick taped to front. (1991)

  13. WOO (3) - Into The Heart Of Love

    A true cult classic from the Ives brothers. An album that defies time/space/genre. (1990)