House Disco

By delan delan
updated about 1 year ago

  1. 16B - Paris

    7 For Sale from $1.11

  2. Naughty* - World Of A Woman Remixes

    13 For Sale from $1.67

    A (Info Side) Max Skiba Rmx is a warm, atmospheric "Italo Disco" infused Twisted Disco Track w/ Synth Violins & Soft Arpeggio on Top!

    B (Logo Side) is a slightly Balearic, Warm Deep House Track.

  3. Unit 2 - Sunshine

    27 For Sale from $25.00

    Repetitive OldSchool Piano!

  4. Erobique - Die Grossen Franzosen

    12 For Sale from $4.48

    A1 & A2: ...are Funky, Twerked, Surprising Disco House-Acid Jazz Tracks with Analog Synths added!

  5. Freil - West Of Motebe / Hot Inside

    12 For Sale from $8.00

    B: Bumpy, Deep Jazzy House with Clavinet and Fender Rhodes Solo on Top, later w/ Discoish, Short Violin "Stabs".

  6. Kings Of Tomorrow - Dreams

    45 For Sale from $0.95

    B1: Rasmus Faber does a nice Acoutic Disco-Latin-House Version w/ Latin Piano, Spanish Guitar Solo & a full Violin Orchstra plays the Melody of Duke Ellington - Caravan.

  7. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally

    18 For Sale from $2.52

    D2: Original 1991 Version! | Disco-Ish / Deep Old-School House Version!

  8. Sounds Of Blackness - The Pressure (U.B.P. / Cevin Fisher Mixes)

    60 For Sale from $1.02

    A1: Classic, Gospel Choir Garage House Mix w/ Genuine, Nice Disco-Ish VIOLIN Sound!

  9. Foreal People - Does It Feel Good 2 U?

    29 For Sale from $1.07

    Remakes/Samples B.T. Express - Does It Feel Good with Taka Boom's Singing!

    A1: Funky Disco-House Remake w/ Full Vocals!

    A2 & B2: Full Acapellas!

    B1: Funky Disco-House Dub

  10. Jasper Street Co. - Another Day (Blaze Remixes)

    27 For Sale from $1.78

    A: Smooth, fully Instrumented Deep-House Gospel Version.

    B2: Full Acapella w/ Funk Guitar, Fender Rhodes & Synths.

  11. Jasper Street Co. - Stand!

    6 For Sale from $5.51

    D1: New Funk, Disco-Ish The Joubert Singers - Stand On The Word Cover Version!

  12. Lenny Fontana Presents Black Sun (5) - Spread Love

    27 For Sale from $2.91

    Al Hudson "Spread Love" Cover, off this Release: Al Hudson* / Al Mason - Spread Love / Good Lovin'

    The House-Beat today is a bit straight & rather loud in the Mix

    A: Lush, fully instrumented Cover w/ Break-Downs & Great Singing.

    AA: Fan-Tas-Tic "Musapella" Mix, Beat drops after aprox. 2Min.

  13. Ms. Barbara Tucker* featuring Darryl D'Bonneau - Stop Playing With My Mind

    23 For Sale from $1.00

    A: Loud Disco-Ish Garage House w/ Filtered Violin Sample.

    C: Loud' Disco-Ish Garage House Mix also w/ No Male Vocal. (I think)

  14. Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space* - Reach For Me

    38 For Sale from $3.37

    B1: Almost Disco-Ish Original Mix w/ WahWah Funk Guitar, Live Bass & Shouting Female Soul Singing!