House: Euro House 1987 - 1997

By Fernand8 Fernand8
updated 15 days ago

1987 - 1997 Popular predominantly European House music of the early-mid nineties. Chicago House turned into mainstream chart and radio friendly up-tempo House. The transformation was audible in 1988 by mostly Brittish producers. S'express, Pump Up The Volume, The Only Way Is Up to mention a few. Also Italo House was early on the scene here; Numero Uno for example.

Italo House was early on the scene but was soon captured by Euro House in general. Although you would be able to identify specific Italo House in the tradition of Italo Disco, I would rather acknowledge the large contribution to Euro House then to label it as a sub-genre on its own. Besides that there is another sub-sub-genre that overlaps it all: Piano House.

To be clear: Euro House = Early UK imported Chicago influenced (acid)house + Italo House (including Piano House) + Mainstream Euro House mostly 1992-1994.

This list will go up to the best 150 tracks. From the time Chicago House reached the charts in Europe and was adopted and transformed into a European more chart friendly sound.

I am a generalist not a specialist. I make these lists to breakdown my collection and wantlist into (sub)genres. I constantly try to improve my lists so they are never complete. I am happy to incorporate suggestions, but please raise the bar.

  1. M|A|R|R|S - Pump Up The Volume

    1987. On the very early stage of Euro House.

  2. Cappella - Bauhaus

    1987. Italo House.

  3. Gino Latino - Welcome

    1988. Italo House

  4. S-Express* - Theme From S-Express

    73 For Sale from $1.00

    1988. Still some Acid House in it.

  5. Starlight Invention Group* - Numero Uno

    1988. From the Italo tradition

  6. 49ers - Touch Me

    1989. From the Italo tradition

  7. FPI Project - Rich In Paradise

    1989. Another Italo...

  8. Black Box - Ride On Time

    1989. Italo House.