Important Labels

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  1. Anagram Records

    Anagram Records contains the worlds largest collection of classic Punk, Psychobilly and Goth records

  2. Rough Trade

    independent label in 1978

  3. Cherry Red Records Ltd.

    Independent Label 1978

  4. Bam-Caruso Records

    the pioneering record label, started in 1983 by Phil Smee, growing from the dying embers of St Albans "Waldo's Records", with a mission to record the best new sounds emerging from the UK and America's so called "paisley underground", and merge them with rare and unknown psyche and garage/pop gems from the '60s, to be licensed in.

  5. Fnac (Portugal)

    Novo Talento Fnac Música

  6. Rock Furore

    Norwegian, predominantly rock-oriented music magazine, established in 1988

  7. Zona De Obras

    Spanish Magazine with underground and popular / latin music

  8. Rockdelux

    Spanish Magazine label Sinedín Music

  9. Uncut Magazine

    UK music and film magazine, which gives away a monthly CD.

  10. Messthetics

    Series curated by long-time collector and dealer Chuck Warner, covering exclusively UK DIY post-punk produced between 1977 and 1983.

  11. 11



    Founded 1998, Elegy is a French magazine about the Gothic movement as well about Gothic, Industrial, Electro and Metal as music forms. Each issue includes a CD compilation.

  12. Les Inrockuptibles

    Les Inrockuptibles (French pronunciation: [le.zɛ̃.ʁɔ.kyp'tibl]) is a French cultural magazine. Started as a monthly magazine in 1986, it became weekly in 1995. The name is a play on "Les Incorruptibles", the French title of the American television series The Untouchables. Les Inrockuptibles is routinely nicknamed "Les Inrocks".

  13. Rock Sound

    Rock Sound is the label for CD's released with both French, British, Spanish and Portuguese versions of the alternative rock music magazine Rock Sound.

    The French magazine is published by Editions Freeway.

    The British magazine was originally published by Editions Freeway, until 2004 when it was brought out

  14. Blitz (4)

    Portuguese Music Magazine

  15. Kerrang! Magazine

    UK Music Magazine

  16. Optimus Discos

    Portuguese label . Edit bands initially unknown talent with potential. Fundamental in Portugal.Who search non-commercial talent should hear many bands that here are edited

  17. Rolling Stone (Germany)

    German Music Magazine

  18. Spex Magazine

    German Music Magazine

  19. Rolling Stone (Czech Republic)

    Czech Republic Music Magazine

  20. Classic Rock

    A British Music Magazine specialising in Classic Rock, and other similar forms.

  21. Dark Entries Magazine

    Belgian Music Magazine

  22. Sonic Seducer

    German Music Magazine

  23. 23



    France Music Magazine

  24. 24



    German Music Magazine

  25. Oor Magazine

    Music Magazine