Industrial: 1979 - 1990 (Excl. New Romantics)

By Fernand8 Fernand8
updated 3 months ago

1979 - 1990 Industrial Disco is dancable Synthe Disco from predominantly the eighties. Mostly gloomy and/or dark, melancholic taking Kraftwerk into the "new" zeitgeist of New Wave, EBM, Neue Deutsche Welle, "No Future", Electronica and avangarde.
Some Synthe Disco from the eighties is actually more Pop than Industrial, the Dancability of it and the typical features of the eighties makes me add them to this list.

The very British sub-genre and its start New Romantics have their own list.

I am a generalist not a specialist. I make these lists to breakdown my collection and wantlist into (sub)genres. I constantly try to improve my lists so they are never complete. I am happy to incorporate suggestions, but please raise the bar.

  1. Yello - Claro Que Si

    36 For Sale from $6.66

    1981. Daily Disco

  2. Various - Double Art

    22 For Sale from $2.27

    1981. LP

  3. Gino Soccio - Face To Face

    18 For Sale from $7.95

    1982. Remember

  4. He Said - Pump

    2 For Sale from $45.45

    1982. Great

  5. New Order - Blue Monday

    1983. Cross over, see also Joy Division

  6. Front 242 - Two In One

    1 For Sale from $14.00

    1983. EBM