Japanese Funkot

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Funkot / Hardfunk is a fast & pumpin dance music genre originated from Indonesia and begin to grow audience there in the early 2000s. It’s key signatures are funky drum pattern, pumpin bassline, atmospheric synths & heavy use of voice samples. Other common characteristic is the groove flow that feels quite similar to locally-popular dangdut music, also originated from Indonesia.

Due to the extensive efforts of well designed promotion and constructive interactions between some Indonesian Funkot pioneers and other producers worldwide the genre already started to recognized by several small community groups in related countries such as Japan and it received positive responses. Ironically while it seems to start blossom in some countries it actually begin to lost significant popularity in its own birthplace Indonesia. Funkot considered dated right now by most Indonesians after aired for more than 10 years whilst in other countries it is still a fresh and exciting new stuff. ~Discogs Wiki (edited)

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  1. DJ Jet Barong - Funky Kota! House Music From Indonesia

    Dj Jet Baron in 2009 was importing Indoneasan Funkot

  2. DJ MCT - Funky Frontier -Real Groove Master From Bali-

    More Imported Indonesean Funkot

  3. Various - X-Treme Hard Experience Vol.2

    2 For Sale from $28.00

    DJ M-Project Exclusive Funkot DJ Set 25min

  4. Various - Funkotmen

    May 2011
    How can this not be tagged with Funkot?

  5. Various - Hardfunk Potential Vol.1

    Shisotex + Jockie Mastabass Suama

  6. Various - ヲタStraight Line 4

    Dec 2011
    Some Funkot

  7. Anime-Project - Anime Love Dangdut

    Dec 2012
    Don't let all the artwork fool you. Indonesan Producer exporting to Japan.