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  1. Armando Anthony Corea

    American jazz keyboardist, born June 12, 1941, Chelsea, Massachusetts. Married to Gayle Moran

  2. American Jazz composer, multi-instrumentalist, educator, writer, clinician, pedagogue. Originally a talented trombonist, he was forced to abandon that instrument after a jaw injury left him unable to play, Following the injury, he learned to play cello. This shift to cello largely ended his career as a performer and marked a period of increased interest in composition and pedagogy. Among the first and most important people to begin to codify the then largely aural tradition of jazz he wrote several seminal books on jazz, including Jazz Improvisation

  3. Yusef Lateef (born October 9, 1920, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA - died December 23, 2013, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA) was an American jazz multi-instrumentalist, composer and prominent figure among the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in America, following his conversion to Islam in 1950. Although Lateef's main instruments were the tenor saxophone and flute, he also played oboe and bassoon, both rare in jazz, and also used a number of non-western instruments such as the bamboo flute, shanai, shofar, xun, arghul and koto.

    Yusef Lateef had an inquisitive spirit and was never just a bop or hard bop soloist. Lateef, did not care much for the term "jazz", consistently creating music that stretched (and even broken through) boundaries. A superior tenor saxophonist with a soulful sound and impressive technique, by the 1950's, Lateef was one of the top flutists around. He also developed into a talented jazz soloist on the oboe, was an occasional bassoonist, and introduced such instruments as the arghul (a double clarinet that resembles a bassoon), shanai (a type of oboe), and different types of flutes. Lateef played "world music" long before the term was coined.

  4. American percussionist, drummer & vibraphonist.

    Born : 1918 in New York City, New York.
    Died : January 13, 2012 in Houston, Texas.

  5. American jazz valve trombonist, pianist, arranger and composer.

    Born : December 19, 1929 in Kansas City, Missouri.
    Died : December 15, 2011 in New London , New Hampshire.

  6. Mickey Roker (born March 9, 1932, Miami, Florida, USA - died May 22, 2017, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) was an American jazz drummer.

  7. American Jazz Drummer, brother of Bernie Hamilton, born 20 September 1921 in Los Angeles, California, USA, died 25 November 2013 in New York City, USA.
    also Forest Thorn

    Bill Perkins Quintet, Chico Hamilton & Euphoria, Four Trombone Band, Gerry Mulligan Quartet, Gerry Mulligan Tentette, Red Norvo Sextet, Russell Jacquet And His All Stars, The Buddy Collette - Chico Hamilton Sextet, The Chico Hamilton Octet, The Chico Hamilton Quartet, The Chico Hamilton Quintet, The Chico Hamilton Sextet, The Chico Hamilton Trio

  8. Ben Riley (born July 17, 1933, Savannah, Georgia, USA – died November 18, 2017, West Islip, New York, USA) was an American jazz drummer.

  9. American jazz drummer, born July 26, 1929 in Morristown, New Jersey, as Charles Lawrence Persip, and later changed his name to Charli Persip in the early 1980s.

  10. American jazz drummer, born 13 August 1940 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

  11. Elvin Jones was born September 9, 1927 in Pontiac, Michigan, USA.
    Died on May 18, 2004, Englewood, New Jersey, USA, from heart failure.

    Called by Life magazine "the world's greatest rhythmic drummer"

  12. American jazz drummer.
    Born : August 18th 1920 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
    Died : December 23rd 2003 - Orlando, Florida, USA

  13. Maxwell Lemuel Roach
    American jazz drummer, bandleader, and artist.
    Born: 10 January 1924 in Newland, Pasquotank County, North Carolina, USA.
    Died: 16 August 2007 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA (aged 83).
    Married to singer Abbey Lincoln. His daughter was viola player Maxine Roach.

    Roach was one of the most accomplished jazz drummers and percussionists of his time. He worked with many of the greatest jazz musicians, including Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Sonny Rollins.More
    Wikipedia, britannica.com, encyclopedia.com, pas.org, adp.library.ucsb.edu
    In Groups:
    Barry Ulanov's All Star Modern Jazz Musicians, Benny Golson Sextet, Bud Powell Quartet, Buddy De Franco Sextet, Cannonball Adderley All Stars, Charles Mingus – Max Roach Duo, Charlie Parker And His Orchestra, Charlie Parker's Re-Boppers, Clifford Brown All Stars, Clifford Brown and Max Roach, Coleman Hawkins All Star Band, Coleman Hawkins All Stars, Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra, Coleman Hawkins Quintet, Coleman Hawkins Swing Four, Dexter Gordon Quintet, Dizzy Gillespie - Stan Getz Sextet, Dizzy Gillespie's Cool Jazz Stars, Dizzy Gillespie/Oscar Pettiford Quintet, Don Lanphere Quintet, Earl Coleman And His All Stars, Fats Navarro Quintet, George Russell Orchestra, George Wallington Trio, Gil Mellé Sextet, Herbie Nichols Trio, Howard McGhee All Stars, Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars, J.J. Johnson All Stars, J.J. Johnson Quartet, J.J. Johnson's Boppers, Jimmy Cleveland And His All Stars, Lee Konitz Sextet, M'Boom Re:percussion Ensemble, Max Roach Double Quartet, Max Roach His Chorus And Orchestra, Max Roach Plus Four, Max Roach Quartet, Max Roach Quintet, Max Roach Septet, Max Roach Sextet, Max Roach/Dollar Brand Duet, Metronome All Stars, Miles Davis & His Tuba Band, Miles Davis All Stars, Miles Davis And His Orchestra, Newport Parker Tribute All Stars, Roach-Braxton Duo, Slide Hampton Orchestra, Sonny Clark Trio, Sonny Rollins Plus Four, Sonny Rollins Quartet, Sonny Rollins Quintet, Sonny Rollins Trio, Sonny Stitt Quartet, Stan Getz Quartet, The Birdlanders, The Bud Powell Trio, The Capitol International Jazzmen, The Charles Mingus Quintet, The Charlie Mingus Trio, The Charlie Parker All-Stars, The Charlie Parker Quartet, The Charlie Parker Quintet, The Charlie Parker Sextet, The International Jazzmen, The J.J. Johnson Quintet, The J.J. Johnson Sextet, The Kai Winding Sextet, The Kenny Dorham Quintet, The Max Roach Trio, The Miles Davis Nonet, The Miles Davis Quartet, The Miles Davis Quintet, The Paris All-Stars, The Quintet, The Quintet Of The Year, The Riverside Jazz Stars, The Thelonious Monk Quintet, Thelonious Monk Group, Thelonious Monk Trio

  14. John Stanley Marshall
    British jazz drummer, born 28 August 1941, Isleworth, Middlesex, UK.
    For the American drummer who has worked with The Paul Winter Consort and The Adagio Ensemble please use John Marshall (10).
    Wikipedia, drummerworld.com
    The Evaporating Flan, The Expanding Flan
    In Groups:
    Centipede (3), Christoph Oeding Trio, Eberhard Weber Colours, Formerly Fat Harry, Graham Collier Sextet, Ian Carr Double Quintet, Ian Carr Quintet, Joe Sachse Projekt, John Surman Quartet, Links (5), Marshall Travis Wood, Mike Garrick Jazz Orchestra, Mike Westbrook Orchestra, Morning Glory (2), Neighbours Cercle, Nucleus (3), Pork Pie, Soft Machine, Soft Machine Legacy, Soft Works, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, The Chitinous Ensemble, The Graham Collier Septet, The Mike Gibbs Band, The Mike Gibbs Orchestra, The Mike Westbrook Concert Band, The NDR Big Band, Tsabropoulos / Andersen / Marshall Trio, Zbigniew Seifert Sextet, Zoot Sims Quartet

  15. Drummer, son of Charles Moffett and brother of Charnett Moffett.

  16. drummer

  17. American jazz double bassist and photographer. He was nicknamed "The Judge".

    Born: June 23, 1910 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
    Died: December 19, 2000 in Queens, New York.