Jim Henson-Related Releases

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6LP 45RPM box set

  1. The Muppets - The Great Muppet Caper: An Original Soundtrack Recording

    16 For Sale from $2.00

    Version with color lyric sleeve. (Two copies)

  2. Mah-Ná Mah-Ná - Mah-Ná Mah-Ná

    7 For Sale from $19.00

    The original issue of Mah-Na Mah Na with "as heard on Sesame Street" printed on cover.

  3. Sesame Street - Follow That Bird (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    3 For Sale from $9.99

    Gatefold. "Extra Special Bonus! 12"x24" Board Game Inside!" text on front cover.
    "Use buttons for markers"

  4. Sesame Street - The Sesame Street Book & Record

    66 For Sale from $0.96

    Contains 24-page illustrated book (Two copies)

  5. Sesame Street Starring The Original Cast* - The Official Sesame Street 2 Book-And-Record Album

    22 For Sale from $1.28

    Comes With Comic Illustration Book In The Gatefold Cover. Copy has 2 copies of the LP itself.

  6. Sesame Street - Exercise!

    9 For Sale from $10.00

    Includes large poster

  7. Sesame Street - Sesame Street Live!

    17 For Sale from $2.47

    Includes giant fold-out poster

  8. David Shire, The London Symphony Orchestra - Return To Oz (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    While not directly a Jim Henson production, Brian Henson did serve as puppeteer and voice of Jack Pumpkinhead, so I'm including it among my Jim Henson vinyl collection.

  9. Trevor Jones - The Dark Crystal Original Soundtrack

    1 For Sale from $34.99

    Includes beautiful mint giant fold out poster