Label catalogs, press releases, promo ads

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  1. 1
    Alphabet Media
    "Compilation Catalogue 1|97" (A4, color, VG+/EX)

    "Compilation Catalogue 2|97" (A4, color, printed on one side, VG+/EX)
  2. 2
    Ariwa Sounds Catalogue - Jan 1996 (4-page color, A5, glossy paper, VG+)
  3. 3
    Promo 4-page color A4 flyer, in German/English, glossy paper (VG+)
  4. 4
    Sub Rosa color A5 ad printed on both sides (VG+)
  5. 5
    Press sheet, as shown on image (VG+)
  6. 6
    All Saints Records postcard (NM)
  7. 7
    The Cakekitchen
    Official Raffmond promo photo on glossy paper, big postcard size (M-)
  8. 8
  9. 9
    Cheaters And The Cheated
  10. 10
    Chris Karrer
    Promo photo on glossy paper, big postcard size (VG+)
  11. 11
    Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
    Crippled Dick Hot Wax! / Sideburn Recordings "News • Fall 97" (12 pages, A5 size, EX)
  12. 12
    Under The Table And Dreaming
    12-page color promo booklet (VG+)
  13. 13
    David Thomas And Two Pale Boys
    Flyer advertising two concerts in Greece, Jan/Feb 1998, A5 (close to VG+)
  14. 14
    Deutsche Grammophon
    "Complete Catalog 06/07" (CD-ROM, VG+/VG)
  15. 15
    Emissions Audio Output
    "Audio Catalogue" (double-sided, color, CD-booklet size, VG+/VG)
  16. 16
    Eros Music
    "Dance '96 - Catalogue" (4-page, color, A4, VG+)
  17. 17
    Flowers Of Romance
    Fan Club "Flower Nation" (b&w soft-paper card with club logo+address, EX)
  18. 18
    Flying Nun Records
    "Newsletter - Spring 96" (4 pages, A4 size, EX)
  19. 19
    FMR Records (2)
    "Catalogue 96/97" (12-page foldout, EX)
  20. 20
    FLAvour Of The Weak
    "Campaign 1997/98" (promo 4-page A4 flyer, in German/English, thick glossy paper, EX)
  21. 21
    Funk D'Void
    Promo color photo on glossy paper, A4 size (VG)
  22. 22
    Gene Farris
    Official promo photo on glossy paper, big postcard size (VG+)
  23. 23
    Fairy Tales From A Big City
    Poster ad on textured paper, 67.5x8cm (VG+)
  24. 24
    Hitch-Hyke Records
    "7 Years" (postcard printed on both sides, VG+)
  25. 25
    Engendered Species
    SST Records info sheet + article/newsclips (three A4 sheets, VG)
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