Labels (Vinyl)

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  1. Los Angeles Free Music Society

    Lovers for Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Residents, Destroy All Monsters

  2. Urashima

    Italian important noise label.

  3. Houndstooth

    Next Bass Music Label

  4. Music From Memory

    Exellent Re-issue Label.

  5. Rvng Intl.

    New York's most important experimental ;abel.

  6. RRRecords

    Legend of Noise Label.

  7. Innovative Communication

    Klaus Schulze's cute label.

  8. PRR! PRR!

    Experimental house/techno darkhorse.

  9. Hertz-Schrittmacher

    Elektro-Beats of bands from the 90s up to now.

  10. Schimpfluch

    Rudolf Eber's Goa-Grind.

  11. Now-Again Records


  12. Alga Marghen

    Sublime experimental label.

  13. iDEAL Recordings

    Swedish Experimental Colective.

  14. Metamkine

    Greatest distribution & experimental record label.

  15. Fade To Mind

    Most Essential Bass / Grime Label.

  16. Sublime Frequencies

    Diggin' Afro.

  17. Aloha Got Soul

    Contributing to the diversity of Hawaii’s music scene.

  18. Private Records (2)

    Scifi-Experimental Art.

  19. Príncipe

    Portugal's Ghetto House Label.

  20. Codes (2)

    PAN x Visionist, most essential bass music.

  21. Mind Records (6)

    A Franco-Japanese experimental record label based in Osaka, Japan and Paris, France,

  22. 22



    Lee Gamble's generation gap.

  23. Recollection GRM

    Series of reissues of records and archival recordings from Groupe De Recherches Musicales.

  24. Digitalis Recordings

    Most influential underground label in mid '00s - '10s.

  25. Rotorelief

    Metalic experimental cascade.