Labels (avantgarde)

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updated over 5 years ago

  1. Tochnit Aleph

    Daniel Loewenbrueck, store [Rumsti Pumsti (Musik)] in Berlin Treptow

  2. Susan Lawly


  3. Hanson Records

    Aaron Dilloway

  4. 7



    John Zorn

  5. Rumpsti Pumsti (Edition)

    Sublabel of Daniel's Tochnit Aleph

  6. Come Organisation

    Ex-Whitehouse and related label, defunct

  7. United Dairies

    Steven Stapleton

  8. Metamkine

    Mostly academic avant-garde

  9. Old Europa Cafe

    Postindustrial et al

  10. Korm Plastics

    Postindustrial et al

  11. Schimpfluch


  12. Staalplaat

    Geert-Jan Hobijn, store in Berlin Neukoelln

  13. 17


  14. Important Records (2)

    Release lots of different stuff, Blackshaw's latest offering was nowhere near avant-garde. Notable.

  15. Editions Mego

    Peter Rehberg

  16. Abduction

    Sun City Girls

  17. Basement Tapes

    Released Torturing Nurse, Crank Sturgeon et al

  18. Cut Hands

    Not related to Bennett (I think)

  19. ReR Megacorp

    Chris Cutler