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Some labels that looked interesting to me.

  1. This is for releases which don't have a label:
    Items such as self-released albums, limited edition tour merchandise, white labels, bootlegs, etc.

  2. French label founded in 1986 for folk, traditional and "urban" music. They released more than 400 records under Buda Musique and Buda Records. Distributed in France by Socadisc.

  3. Label founded by music journalist Yuzuru Agi in 1978.

  4. The electronic label was founded in 1978 by the pioneer Klaus Schulze and Michael Haentjes.

  5. A very small German label which focuses on early 1980s cassette-only releases from Germany, often electronica.
    All releases in very small editions (usually between 100 and 300 pcs.).

  6. 6

    Formerly known as Was Soll Das? Schallplatten

  7. Eclectic label founded by David Byrne and Yale Evelev. Originally distributed by Warner Bros., then by Narada/Virgin/EMI, then was independent, then wound up at V2 Records, where it has remained to the present.

  8. Label based in US and devoted to music that was previously unavailable, especially cassette material from the 80s.

  9. Limited edition vinyl and digital only label from Brooklyn, New York, United States.

  10. Asthmatic Kitty was set up in 1999 by a community of musicians in Holland, Michigan as a means of releasing their material. The label now has offices in Lander, Wyoming, Indianapolis, Indiana and New York City, as the original collective have moved away from their hometown. Asthmatic Kitty is currently distributed through Secretly Canadian in conjunction with Sounds Familyre

  11. Spanish label established in 2001, specialized in licensed vinyl and CD reissues and compilations of Soul, Latin, Afro, Funk, Jazz and Rare Groove recordings with focus on the 1960s and 1970s. Sister label of Munster Records. A division of Distrolux SL.

  12. München

  13. Seattle based label & concert productions company broke into the local scene in mid-2001, promoting gigs by Saul Williams, Royksopp, Spinna, Interpol, Ladytron, Clinic, and Prefuse 73. Soon after, Light In The Attic started to reissue lost classics with present-day packaging and production.

  14. Founded by DJ Koze in 2009.

  15. Straight was a record label founded by Frank Zappa and his manager at the time, Herb Cohen, in the spring of 1969. This was a particularly apt label title for an artist who exercised an anti-drug regime among his band members- and an artist who would have been referred to in the 'hip' language of the time as 'straight'.

  16. Vinyl only label run by Frank Maier and specialized in late 70s and early 80s industrial, noise, avantgarde, as well as minimal synth, wave, goth releases. Mostly taken from extremely limited tape publications, often with exclusive bonus tracks and unpublished extras.

  17. Angelika Köhlermann is a fresh label from Vienna. Founded by people from both the Cheap and Mego dynasties, to spread music from all around the world, that is unrepresented in the current electronic music scene.

  18. MPS stands for "Musik Produktion Schwarzwald" (Music Production Black Forest) and was founded 1968 as a successor of SABA in Villingen, Germany. MPS was distributed from 1971 onwards by BASF and from 1976 onwards by Metronome Musik GmbH. In 1983, the rights were sold to Polydor, whose sister company Motor Music has been re-releasing some MPS recordings since 1993. In 1999, the MPS archives were handed over to Universal Jazz (Germany) in Hamburg.

  19. 21

    The SABA label (SABA = Schwarzwälder-Apparate-Bau-Anstalt) was founded in 1958 by Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer. In 1968 the label was renamed in MPS Records.

  20. Founded in 1979 by John Stedman, JSP is an acronym for John Stedman Productions and is based in London, England. They mostly issue compilations and reissues of old public domain jazz and blues records.