Lacquer and lathe cutting facilities

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  1. Numansdorp, The Netherlands.

    24M etched in the runout groove, WARNING: it looks like ZYM.
    Occasionally the company name appears in full together with the engineer's signature as MISJAH@24MASTERING. Please split the credit and use the appropriate ANV.

  2. London, UK, 1931

  3. Camarillo, CA, USA, 1995.

    Kevin Gray
    Steve Hoffman

  4. London, UK, 2006.

  5. London, UK, was founded in 1996, closed down in 2008, but was relaunched in 2012.

    - Alchemy
    - Alchemy, London
    - Alchemy Mastering Ltd

    Enter a credit of "Lacquer Cut At" when either of these appear in the runouts.

    - Barry Grint aka Bazza aka The Wizzard (7)
    - Phil Kinrade
    - Kevin Tuffy
    - John Webber
    - Cicely Balston
    - Ray Staff
    - Jasper Ward

  6. Brussels, Belgium, 2006.

    It appears etched in the matrix as:
    - Å BXL

    Engineers who worked here and their signatures:
    - Frédéric Alstadt (FA or an arrow pointing down left),
    - Yann de Kéroullas (Yann Dub or Yann) between 2009 and 2012,
    - Frederic Stader (FST) since 2018.

  7. Haarlem, The Netherlands, 2018.
    In-house mastering and direct-to-disc studio of Record Industy.

    Patrick Scholtens (mastering, lacquer cutting).

  8. Hollywood, California, 1983.

    Brian Gardner, Chris Bellman, Scott Sedillo, Joe Bozzi, Patricia Sullivan, Mike Bozzi, and of course Bernie Grundman.

  9. Studio located in North Hills, Los Angeles, CA and operated by David Cheppa.

    Cheppa's mastering signature: DC, often before BQS, may be misread as DeBos, DeB?s, DeBφs, DcBφs, Dc365, DeRcs, DeRos, Lee Ros or similar. Enter this as:
    Add a company: Lacquer Cut At – Better Quality Sound
    Add a credit: Lacquer Cut By – David Cheppa + ANV DC

  10. Heemstede, The Netherlands, 1959-1987.

  11. Hollywood, California, USA, closed Jan. 2021.

    "MASTERED BY CAPITOL" stamped in runouts.

    Dave McEowen as "DAVE" or "DCM" etched in the runout
    David Cole (4) as "DCole" in the runout
    Ed Sanders (2) as "Ed" etched cursively in runout
    Eddy Schreyer as "E" or "ES" etched in the runout, or a scribble similar to "Ɛ____" or "C____" (see image on his profile)
    Gene Thompson as "Gene" or "ƐRT" etched in the runout (from 1975 onward)
    Ian Sefchick - what looks like H with an S inside etched (エ∽) in the runout but must be IS
    Jay Maynard usually credited "Jay Luck" around 1976, later on simply "Jay" etched
    JC (72) "Jc" a not yet identified mastering engineer
    John Lemay as "J. LEMAY" etched in the runout
    Ken Perry as "KP" etched in the runout
    Kevin Bartley as "KB" etched in the runout
    Kevin Reeves as "KEV" etched in the runout
    Maurice Long (2) as "ML" etched in the runout
    Ron McMaster as "McM" or "RM" etched in the runout
    Wally Traugott as "Wally" or "Wly" etched in the runout
    Wayne Dailey as "Wayne", "Wayne.", "Wayne D" or "WD" etched cursively in the runout
    William Tennis as "WT" etched in the runout

  12. Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1971-1991.
    Preceded by Artone Holland, succeeded by Sony/CBS, Haarlem.
    Technically, the cutting was done at CBS Studios, Holland.

  13. Artarmon, Australia, 1977-1991.

    - MX followed by six digits, consecutively for sides A and B, etc., e.g MX 215727 / MX 215728. The numbers are sequential and can be added as cat# by using Lacquer Cut At.
    - Tony Taurins (1977 - 1991), identifiable by a Δ (delta) preceding the MX numbers (the left side of the triangle may protrude slightly beyond the apex in some cases).
    Meredith Brooks (2) (1980 - 1991), identifiiable by a ♀ (female sign) preceding the MX numbers.
    Steve Smart (1980 to 1991), identifiable by a Å (A with overring) preceding the MX numbers, often in combination with "A Smart Cut".
    Mike Roberts (14), identifiable by MR.
    Otto Ruiter, identifiable by R with overring.

  14. Stollberg, Germany, 2002.

    – Matrices are normally found in the order of "###### YY ZZ" in the vinyl run-out, e.g.: "105944 A1 FK" on side A and "105944 B1 FK" on side B.
    – YY is the side identifier, typically A1 or B1.
    – ZZ represents the mastering engineer's initials (e.g.: FK)

    Cutting engineers:
    Kati Müller (initials KM (5)) [in 2019 she changed her surname and started using KW or KW* as KW (5)]
    Frank Kirschner (often appearing under his initials: FK)
    Julia Pampel (initials: JP)
    Lukas Santoso (initials: LS)
    Daniela Riedel (initials: DR)

  15. Hamburg-Harvestehude, Germany, later became Home Studios, Hamburg.

    Hand-etched 'CHA' in runouts.

    Cutting engineer:
    Achim Kruse, identified by runout etching 'AK' in combination with studio initials ('CHA-AK') .

  16. North Hills, California, USA.

    - Kevin Gray (KPG@CA)
    - Matthew Lutthans (MCL@CA)
    - Momchil Zanev (MZ@CA)
    - Sidney Meyer (SCM@CA)

  17. Hackney, East London, UK, 2000.

    Current mastering engineers :
    Lawrence Dunster - uses the etchings "Lawrie", "LAD", "Lawrie@CURVEPUSHER" or "Lawrie@CURVE"
    Keith Tenniswood - uses the etchings "RAM" and "RAM@CURVEPUSHER"
    Dave Turner (since October 2018) - uses the etching ”Dave”
    Leo Dunster (apprentice) - uses the etching "LSD"
    Ben Mallot (aka Ben Pest) - uses the etchings "BM" and/or "BPEST"
    Kevin Vanbergen uses the etchings "Kevin"

    Previous engineers :
    Sam John (2004-2005) - used the etching "Sam[@]CurvePusher"
    Frederic Stader (2012-2013) - used the etching "FST"
    Ed Upton (until Jan. 2018) - used the etching ”Ed”

  18. Stockholm, Sweden, 1978.

    Appears in run-out groove etchings as "CR" or "C.R".

  19. Berlin, Germany, 1995.

    Cutting engineers:
    Christoph Grote-Beverborg (CGB) (1996–present)
    Rashad Becker (1997–2019)
    Stefan Betke aka Pole (1996–2000)
    Helmut Erler aka ≠ (2003–present)
    Michelle Grinser (2012–present)
    Andy Mellwig (1995–1998)
    Robert Henke (ര) (1996–1998)
    Moritz von Oswald (1995–2008)
    Andreas Lubich aka Loop-o (1999–2012)
    Frederic Stader (FST) (2001–2011)
    Youri Balcers (Yuri / Y / ☺) (2001)
    Kassian Troyer (2018–present)
    Anne Taegert (2018-present)
    Ruy Mariné (2021-present)

  20. Augsburg, Germany, May 29th, 2015., formerly known as Duophonic GbR.

    "duoYYXXXX" in the vinyl runouts. The first 2 numbers indicate the year, starting in 2015.
    Please credit Duophonic GmbH as follows:
    Lacquer Cut By - Duophonic GmbH + the Duophonic number (e.g. duo183452).

  21. Offenbach, Germany, 1973-2002.

    "E-T", "et" or "elaton4ù" etchings in the runout groove.
    Please use them in company fields as "Lacquer Cut At"
    For "et" also add "Lacquer Cut By [Runout Etching et] - Djamil Mehtieff".

  22. Sydney, Australia, 1926-1992.

  23. Berlin, Germany, 2000.

    EBS etching in runouts.
    The mastering/cutting engineer's initials are almost always added:
    Frederic Stader (c. 2015, FST or FST @)
    Rainer Maillard (RM)
    Maarten De Boer (HCB or MDB)
    Sidney Meyer (SCM)

  24. Leipzig, Germany.

    "TESS" etched in the runouts

  25. Rosbach near Frankfurt/Main, Germany by Frank Farian, 1982. Also used for Lacquer Cutting.

    FAR in the runouts.

    Cutting engineers:
    - Rainer M. Ehrhardt credited as RME in runouts
    - Ralph P. Ruppert credited as FAR·RR, FAR-R.R. or cut by FAR·RR in runouts
    Please add a company: Lacquer Cut At Far Studios and a credit: Lacquer Cut By Rainer M. Ehrhardt + ANV RME or Ralph P. Ruppert + ANV RR or R.R. in these cases.