Legacy label and studio names - in need of change...

By Mr.Slut Mr.Slut
updated 2 days ago

These labels are listed under names that do not really appear on the releases... Need further investigation and possibly discussion and/or change...

  1. Flagbearer Records

    "Flagbearer Records" is used only in fine print. Label branding is just "Flagbearer".

  2. Hollis Haus

    Should both "Tension" and "Hollis Haus" be listed as labels on the early ones?

  3. Fabric (2)

    The supposed label name "Fabric" does not appear on the releases. Fine print lists Fabric Records.

  4. Decade Collection

    Should be The Decade Collection...

  5. SI Project

    Should be S.I. Projects instead...

  6. Adelphoi

    Should be Adelphoi Ltd instead

  7. Amado & Aldo Marin

    Shouldn't these two be separated?

  8. Engine Studios (2)

    Needs to be changed to Engine Studios, Chicago, IL

  9. Studio B (2)

    Studio B, Omaha, NE

  10. Studio B (7)

    should be Studio B, Paris

  11. Studio B (9)

    Studio B, Deerfield Beach, FL

  12. Studio B (14)

    Studio B, Boston, MA

  13. Water Music (2)

    Should be Water Music, Hoboken, NJ

  14. Water Music

    not a legacy issue, but this mixes a bunch of different labels.

  15. Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft Pressing Plant

    "Pressing Plant" is not part of the name... (I hate me for finding these...)

  16. Waako Records

    Should mostly be Waako Records Inc.

  17. The Lair (2)

    The Lair, Prescott, AZ

  18. Studio Metro

    Studio Metro, Enschede

  19. Regis Records

    Should be only Regis as per logo.

  20. Shifty Records

    This should be just SHIFTY.

  21. 22



    should be UMM Underground Music Movement as per their logo and appearance on every record

  22. Underground Vibe Records

    Should be Underground Vibe only.

  23. 24



    Needs to be adjusted to both Sweat as a label and Sweat Records as a company

  24. Mo's Music

    Both labels are distributed by Mo's Music Machine.
    There are currently listings for
    Mo's Music (21 listings)
    Mo's Music Machine (183 listings) - this includes label releases under the same name
    Mo's Music Machine Ltd (8 listings) - currently listed as a sublabel (?!)
    Mo's Music Machine Ltd. (42 listings) - currently listed as a distributer
    They are also sometimes listed as Mo's Music Machine Limited