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  1. DIR EN GREY - Despair In The Womb

    1 For Sale from $109.00

    Pretty good live, Kyo's voice was getting better

  2. Black Leather Jesus | Incapacitants - A Purpose Not Necessary

    3 For Sale from $11.00

    Shelter is a really powerful track, the sounds crawl into you
    Yellow Silk Buddha is a normal Incapacitants track, a wall of slow dynamics

  3. Persefone - Aathma

    13 For Sale from $8.14

    Magical, out of this world while being progressive and dynamic

  4. Porcupine Tree - On The Sunday Of Life...

    15 For Sale from $57.45

    Fun to listen to, very psychedelic

  5. Incapacitants - Live Incapacitants

    2 For Sale from $30.00

    First part is standard
    Second part might be one of the best Incapacitants track I've ever heard, those demonic screams make for a very immersive and scary experience

  6. The Flower Kings - Banks Of Eden

    Groovy, powerful, melodic, everything that makes The Flower Kings so good

  7. Miles Davis - Sketches Of Spain

    1 For Sale from $79.06

    Very influential record, a different touch on his Modal Jazz

  8. Dir en grey - Tour05 It Withers And Withers

    2 For Sale from $45.35

    Good live, powerful production

  9. Steam Flow - Tranquility And Seclusion

    So beautiful and relaxing, like most of his records

  10. Incapacitants - Sec End

    2 For Sale from $23.26

    Holy mother of god, this record is insane
    Sec End is one of the most advanced and technical piece they've ever done

  11. Fallujah - Leper Colony

    A glimpse at what Fallujah will become

  12. Miles Davis Quintet* - Miles Davis Quintet

    5 For Sale from $30.00

    Relaxing but sometimes repetitive

  13. Ghost (32) - Opus Eponymous

    9 For Sale from $59.99

    The start of a great band, their style was already very defined

  14. Loffciamcore, TommY RuleZ - Terroryści Kontra Policja

    Fun, even if we're actually listening to 2 tracks

  15. Merzbow - Last Of Analog Sessions

    6 For Sale from $18.00

    CD2 : Dynamics are insane, it never stops
    Felt like being tied up and stabbed by knives from everywhere
    CD3 : Very rhythmic sometimes and other times, it will attack you from nowhere

  16. Boris (3) With Merzbow - Sun Baked Snow Cave

    8 For Sale from $8.21

    The title of the track is so representative of the track itself :
    A guy alone in a cave, with his guitar, slowly getting covered by whirling snow.
    A real musical adventure

  17. Incapacitants - Eternal Paralysis

    Very early Harsh noise right there
    First 30 min are very repetitive, almost psychedelic, you can feel your body unconsciously moving with the sinewaves
    Transition at 33' is huge
    Another rhythm comes in, transition into the second part, a straight up noise wall (in 1981)
    Third part feels like a mix between the first two parts : The screeching and grating sounds of Part 2 + the dynamics of Part 1.

  18. Linkin Park - Meteora

    21 For Sale from $1.00

    Nostalgic album, a bit cringy but fun listen

  19. Rush - Rush

    2 For Sale from $523.26

    Awesome mix of Blues/Hard Rock
    Powerful and groovy, great debut

  20. Incapacitants - Peony Crackers

    The beginnings of Incapacitants, less static than Eternal Paralysis but not as dynamic as their later releases, very diverse record.
    Those crackling sounds really get on your skin and make you shiver.
    44' : Are those samples I hear ?

  21. DIR EN GREY - The Marrow Of A Bone

    8 For Sale from $14.99

    The more violent tracks are powerful and angry, Kyo's screams are really getting better at this point, even through the use of distortion.
    But the best tracks are definitely the ballads (Namekashiki, The Pledge, Conceived Sorrow, ...)
    Then the unplugged comes and you are transported into another dimension

  22. Tool (2) - Undertow

    4 For Sale from $5.00

    Viceral, weird, violent, everything that makes Tool so great.

  23. Merzbow - Surabhi

    4 For Sale from $5.81

    Calmer and colder Merzbow release.
    More complex that it sounds, although it can be quite boring sometimes (e.g. end of Balaram)
    Kinda reminds me of Vibractance