Live Concerts

By postpunkmonk
updated 12 months ago

  1. "Sweet F.A." tour 1996

  2. 2011 Revolver Tour with Spectacular Spinning Songbook - vastly entertaining!

  3. 4x - fun band! Carly Wolf is like a mixture of Clare Gorgan and Jimmy Page thrown in a blender.

  4. I finally saw this band ten years after buying their records. In an area. Boring.

  5. Nick made a 3000 seat venue seem like your living room. Riveting!

  6. many times

  7. many times

  8. 4x Last show in 2017, was on a rarefied plane.

  9. 1993 @ Fern Park Station - Excellent and with Marco still!

  10. 2x. Electric Power trio US shows in 2016, 2017. Rocking!

  11. 14

    Liked them better live [opened for XX] than on disc.

  12. 2x. Same club a year apart. The first time they played the same club as Bernie Worrell + The Woo Warriors were the next night after and they sat in for a song with Worrell - "Burning Down The House!" Wonderful shows.

  13. 2x. Once in a club on "Belief" tour. Next opening for Depeche Mode in an arena on 'Showtime' tour. First show was better. Not really an arena act, but great records.

  14. 20
  15. Lucky to have seen him in the mid-90s with a full band.

  16. 2002 US tour with Jo Callis! Unbelievable!