Live Memories

By Scrap_Iron
updated 4 days ago

A more or less chronological list of bands and artists I've seen live till now.

  1. 06.98 - Liceo Carlo Cattaneo, Torino

    The sax player was a schoolmate, they played at the end of the year school party lol
    It was also the last school year for both of us.

  2. 03.99 - El Paso, Torino

  3. 03.99 - El Paso, Torino
    05.06 - Spazio 211, Torino

  4. 03.99 - El Paso, Torino

    A very odd show in a dirty squat, there were about 10 people attending. Gerstein played a video about jails and did some remarkably good electronics.

  5. 03.99 - El Paso, Torino
    04.12 - Padiglione 14, Torino

  6. 05.99 - Piccolo Regio, Torino

    First time I was seeing Ms. Lunch. It was rather funny, she kept insulting men in the audience, and since Italians usually don't understand a word of English, the most clapped at her.

    11.04 - Supermarket, Torino

    Boring. The venue was almost empty, Lydia kept chatting and chatting, the music was absolutely forgettable. An unfortunate night.

  7. 06.99 - Foro Boario, Moncalieri
    07.00 - Parco Della Certosa, Collegno

    Both performances were great, the second was a bit better because they had introduced a new item to bash on stage. They're always a load of fun to see live.

    06.09.14 - 45° Nord, Moncalieri

  8. 8

    10.99 - Supermarket, Torino

    They opened for My Cat Is An Alien.

    03.02 - Supermarket, Torino

    Michael Gira played a short solo set before them.

    09.06 - Teatro Colosseo, Torino

    This was a Larsen & Friends performance, with Jóhann Jóhannsson and David Tibet. Great stuff.

    09.09 - Teatro Alfieri, Torino (with Z'EV as guest)

    26.06.13 - Hiroshima Mon Amour

  9. 10.99 - Supermarket, Torino

    Larsen was the opener. MCIAA played behind a screen and produced a great wall of noise.

    28.12.10 - United Club, Torino
    with Ramona Ponzini and Z'EV as quartet

  10. 10

    13.11.99 - Supermarket, Torino

    Alan Vega was completely drunk (or on drugs), and could barely sing, despite that it was a great show. I think I was the only person under 30 in the club! I was wearing a self-painted Suicide t-shirt with the cover of the first LP, and many asked were I had bought it.

  11. 11.99 - Supermarket, Torino

    The most ridicolous show I've ever seen. Alec Empire was extremely serious and got pissed off because people didn't react enough "revolutionary" to his words. At a certain point, he came off stage and asked aggressively someone in the first row what he was doing there. The guy was the drummer of Larsen who replied he was just enjoying a concert. Alec got totally furious about the reply, the whole band left the stage and came back only after five minutes, completed the show and left without saying a word.

    LOL!!!! Take it easy, man!

  12. 12

    11.99 - Café Procope

  13. 13

    11.99 - Cafè Procope, Torino

  14. 14

    04.00 - Gabrio, Torino
    09.03 - Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino
    03.12 - Gabrio, Torino
    05.12 - Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino
    11.12 - Gabrio, Torino

  15. 06.00 - Parco Della Certosa, Collegno

    Great opening for Einstürzende Neubauten. They were actually much better than the boring Silence Is Sexy thing.

    10.05 - Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino

    Another great show. All the classics you could hope to listen in a Young Gods live set.

    28.04.18 - Zona Roveri, Bologna (Neuropa Festival)

  16. 06.00 - Parco Della Certosa, Collegno

    Great expectations, but they remained quite unmatched. EN played most of Silence Is Sexy, of course, and while at the time I enjoyed that album, I don't anymore. Fortunately, they also played stuff from Ende Neu and Tabula Rasa. No older hits that time.

    03.04 - Teatro Delle Celebriazioni, Bologna
    07.04 - Corte Malatestiana, Fano

    Awesome shows! The Perpetuum Mobile tour was much better than Silence Is Sexy. The album itself is the last true good album they did. They also played older hits like Armenia, Haus Der Lüge and Neun Arme. I was in a awe.

    05.05 - Teatro Della Concordia, Venaria Reale

    No need to see EN live anymore after this. It was the 25 years anniversary tour. They played Yü-Gung, ZNS, Armenia, Haus Der Lüge, Durstiges Tier, Kalte Sterne, Draußen Ist Feindlich...

    Leb' wohl, Neubauten!

    06.11 - Teatro Colosseo, Torino

  17. 17

    07.00 - Parco Della Certosa, Collegno

  18. 11.00 - Bunker Strasse E, Dresden

    Opener for Monolith, Dive and Suicide Commando. Not the best act that night for sure. The woman tried to "play" a chain.

  19. 11.00 - Bunker Strasse E, Dresden

    Didn't know Monolith until that night. I was blown away. Great sound! Erik ist the best.

    09.09 - Kantine, Augsburg (Electro Body Beats Festival)
    08.13 - Schlagstrom Festival, Berlin

  20. 20

    11.00 - Bunker Strasse E, Dresden

    Finally got the chance to see Mr. Ivens live. It was amazing, I came out as a very happy young man. Previously, I had only listened to Final Report, the day after I went off buying any Dive release I could find.

    11.00 - Werk II, Leipzig (Mensch Und Maschine)

    The most incredible fight I've ever witnessed broke out in the audience during Dive's set!

    07.03 - Totem, Vicenza (Metamatik Festival 2003)

    Towards the end of the show the power went off. It was the summer of 2003, 40° everyday and problems with energy supply in Italy. Dirk took it quite philosophically.

    03.04 - Jam Club, Mestre
    09.06 - Noise, Torino
    08.13 - Betriebswerk Schöneweide, Berlin (Schlastrom Festival)

  21. 11.00 - Bunker Strasse E, Dresden

    Right after Monolith and Dive, I found Joan's music a bit boring, and I hated his vocals. Not my cup of EBM.

    12.11 - BIMFest 2011 - Antwerp

    I discovered a totally different artist in this exclusive "vintage" set to celebrate the project's 25 years of activity. Cold, minimal and heavy, miles away from the later developments!

  22. 11.00 - Werk II, Leipzig (Mensch Und Maschine)

  23. 23

    11.00 - Werk II, Leipzig (Mensch Und Maschine)

    My first Das Ich show, and the best of the whole festival that night.

    08.02 - M'era Luna Festival, Hildesheim
    07.08 - Tanzbrunnen, Köln (Amphi Festival)

  24. 11.00 - Werk II, Leipzig (Mensch Und Maschine)

    One of the greatest disappointments of my life. I had waited years to see 242 live, and they played a horrible set with completely distorted sound and vocals too low to be heard. One hour of pure noise, I could barely understand that they were playing "Headhunter" because of their gestures...

    06.01 - Agra Halle, Leipzig (Wave Gotik Treffen)

    Another chance to see 242 in Leipzig shortly after the huge disappointment. This one was far better, good sound and better show. They were forgiven ;)

    12.11 - BIMFest 2011, Antwerp

    An exclusive "vintage" show for Belgium, with tracks taken mostly from the early albums and classic analogue equipment on stage. Fantastic!!! More than ten years after that bad show in Leipzig, I finally saw the REAL 242 live.

  25. 11.00 - Alter Schlachthof, Dresden

    Pure legend! I went backstage and shaked Lemmy's hand. I also had a picture taken with him, but it was the very last one in the bloody film and it didn't turn out...