Live Shows

By bigbluephish
updated over 5 years ago

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  2. I saw them once in Indianapolis shortly before Jerry's death

  3. An outing with drunken high school friends. I did not drink and the show itself was fairly bland. A "meh" experience all around

  4. Attended with my mom because I'm that cool.

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    Tickets were free. Does that make it OK?

  6. A favorite of an ex girlfriend. I enjoyed the earlier shows but DMB (like my ex) grew stale and boring.

  7. The Division Bell tour 1994

  8. Seen a few shows. Always good sometimes great

  9. Another concert with my mom...I'm starting to doubt my cool factor

  10. 10
  11. Dig the sound and the show. JJ sips bourbon the entire time and the guitarist sits in a chair and barely moves.

  12. Fuckin awesome live show

  13. Loved, loved, loved them before they turned into a shitty, run of the mill indie pop band.

  14. Opener at an Avett show. Blah

  15. 9 or 10 shows. One was evacuated during the middle because of a fire alarm and another had a girl grind on my crouch for an hour because I "looked like Dan". Good times.

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    They were good but not great. I hear they are better now

  17. Saw them a few times. Won their dance contest at a venue in fountain square (forget the name). My finishing move was to strip to my underoos and do the worm. No joke.

  18. I worked at Tibbs Drive In for a summer. The Rev was waiting in the concession line and verbally crushed a fella who was harassing one of my co workers. Awesome dude.

  19. Saw them at the Vogue with my friend Mike. We stood right by the speakers...absolutely worth the mild hearing loss and ringing in my ears.

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  21. I'm fairly certain they were all high or drunk. I'm also certain they were awesome.

  22. Opener at Lollapalooza. I'd never heard of them
    Bought the CD the next day.

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