MAW Prod. (Masters At Work/"Little" Louie Vega/Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez)

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updated over 3 years ago

  1. Bah Samba Featuring Isabel Fructuoso - Calma

    18 For Sale from $5.29

    A1 (Louie Vega Rmx) = Tribalish, Balearic, Spiritual House Mix.

  2. Masters At Work Featuring Liliana* - Brazilian Beat

    52 For Sale from $1.07

    A1: Great Stompin' Brazilian House w/ English Sung Vocals!
    B1: Tribal Brazil House Tool.

    B2: Acapella

    B3: Brazil's "Otto" Moody Nu-Jazz Track.

  3. Gloria Estefan - Y-Tu-Conga

    27 For Sale from $2.00

    Full Vocal, Deep-Latin-House Version of Miami Sound Machine - Conga! (Dance Mix).

    A2: Tribal House-Beat Tool.

    B2: Esotheric, Balearic Latin-Guitar-House Intro w/ Tribal House Beats & Latin-Chanting & Ad-Lip Singing...

  4. Gypsymen - Babarabatiri

    62 For Sale from $1.32

    Prominently builds around the Beny More - Babarabatiri Sample.

    Repetitive but very Effective Latin-House Stomper.

  5. Masters At Work Present India - I Can't Get No Sleep '95 (Masters At Work / David Morales / MK Mixes)

    31 For Sale from $3.52

    A1: Off-Beat Synth, Poundin' House w/ Highly Compressed Synth-Bass. From a production perspective, India's Vocals do not sit well in the mix.

    A2: Classic Stompin' Grand Piano & Hammond Organ House Mix.

  6. Masters At Work Present India - I Can't Get No Sleep '95 (Masters At Work / David Morales Mixes)

    33 For Sale from $1.33

    A1: Poundin', Dark Tribal Old-School House Mix.

    A2: DJ Tool w/ India's Full Vocal on Building-Up Full Instrumental Tune with NO DRUMS

  7. Sunkids Feat Chance - Rescue Me

    15 For Sale from $1.32

    B1: The MAW Mix is a FAN-TAS-TIC, smooth Nu-Disco / Acoustic, Deep, Funky Garage House Mix!

  8. Hardrive - Deep Inside

    28 For Sale from $16.19

    A1: Signature Track! Swingin' Old-School House w/ that typical Bass Sound!!

    B3: Check the "Deep Inside" Dub Intro!! Stand alone Bassline!!!

  9. Various - RINSE IT Volume 3

    A: Cool, Low 4/4 UK-Garage Bassline on a rather Slow Beat! COOL!

  10. Voices - Voices In My Mind

    11 For Sale from $8.24

    A: (MAW Mix) Soulful, Gospely Adlips Singin over a "Tubey" Old-School House Bassline & Beat.

    B1: "Dum-Dum-Dum" ;-) Singing DJ Tool

    B2: Jazzy "Chicago-Ish" House w/ Chicago-Style Synth w/ Busy Snare (DJ Tool)

  11. The Swing Kids - Yeah / Good Feelin'

    29 For Sale from $5.99

    A1&2: "Yeah" (Dope Mix) = Easy Swingin', Jazzy "Old-School House w/ Mr. Fingers - Washing Machine / Can You Feel It Style Bassline.

    B1: "Good Feelin (Upstairs Mix) = Cool, Bumpy & Ravin' "Chicago" Synths!

    B2: "Good Feelin' (TNT Bonus Beats) = Almost a DJ Tool w/ Cool Low Synth Bass!

  12. Ruffneck Featuring Yavahn - Everybody Be Somebody

    70 For Sale from $1.15

    A: Cool, soft yet Funky "High-Pitched" Analog Synth w/ Yavahn great singin!

    B: (Wanna B Mix) Similar Mix, slightly "Chopped Up".

    Samples the Shouts "Everybody" & "Be Somebody" from "Bostich" of the Yello - Lost Again release.

  13. River Ocean Featuring India - The Tribal EP

    41 For Sale from $5.99

    A1: (12 Inch Club Mix) = Poundin, Tribal House Beat Intro w/ Tito Puente on Timbales! -> India's Spanish Singin + Back Choir Chanting...

    B2: (Dream Sequence) = Beatless Intro.

    C1&2: Tribal House DJ Tool.

  14. Kenlou 6* - Bangin'

    101 For Sale from $0.50

    A. (Main Mix) Repetitive, Bangin' & Stompin' "Old-School" Tribal House DJ TOOL Tune! GREAT "TUBEY" SUBBASS IN THE LAST 1/4 OF THE TRACK!

    B: (Bangin' Beats) Tribal & Kicks Only DJ Tool.

  15. Kenlou IV* - MAW War

    85 For Sale from $2.94

    A: Rollin' & Tribal Broken Beat Groove w/ Harmonica Solo on Top & "Gotta Get That Groove" Spoken Words!

    B: "Mack Daddy Shoot" = Repetitive Edit of Third World - Now That We Found Love.

  16. Kenlou - The Bounce / Gimme Groove

    46 For Sale from $15.00

    A "The Bounce" = Repetitive, Tribal "Old-School" Tech-House Tune! CLASSIC!

  17. Groove Box - Casio's Theme / The More You Want

    47 For Sale from $2.00

    A1 "Casio's Theme" Funky, Repetitive, slightly Atmospheric Old-School House Jam w/ Funky, Warm Analog Synth Bassline!

  18. Markus Enochson & E-Man - I Am The Road

    86 For Sale from $1.00

    A: (MAW Mix) Soulful, (slightly Balearic) Deep & Jazzy Male Sung Garage House!

    B1: Fully Instrumented, BEATLESS Vocal Version.

    B2: Beats Only DJ Tool.

  19. Ruffneck Featuring Yavahn - Everybody Be Somebody

    32 For Sale from $2.65

    A2: Acapella!

    B2: (Mousse T.'s Back In The Days Mix) = Funky "Upwarded Melody" Electronic Synth Loop Lick!

  20. MAW* Presents B.O.P.* - Zabalaza

    42 For Sale from $0.93

    A (Dubb Vocal) = Dubby, Deep Afro House Tune w/ Afro Chanting rather than Singing

    B (MAW Original Rmx) = Deep Afro Tribal House w/ a Disco touch! It uses an interpolation of the Backup Choir Melody of Joe Dassin - L’ete Indien (Africa) as Main Hook.

  21. Blue Train - Get Movin'

    44 For Sale from $1.99

    A1 (Original Mix) Deep "Minimal Old-School" House Beat w/ Soulful Singin and Trumpet Solo on Top!

    A2: (MAW Beats) DJ Tool.

    B1: Rather bad, Off-Key Sung Rmx

    B2: (JohNick Trumpet) Tribal Beats & Trumpet Solo.

  22. Black Masses - Wonderful Person

    40 For Sale from $4.00

    A1: (MAW Vocal) Smooth, Soulful Garage House Mix

    A2: (Tom Tom Beats)

    AA2: Bit more "Old-School" House Beat than "A1"