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Everyday I surround myself with all sorts of different music, so I thought that I would share some of the music that I've been listening to the most lately.

Even today there is still so much wonderful music in the world. And no doubt there is still much music that I have yet to discover. On this page, each week I will choose three records from my collection that I've been listening to a lot over the past seven days. I'm not an obsessive record collector, so I won't be providing any erudite information about these records. All I'm trying to do is share some of my favourite sounds with you all. There are times, of course, when some information about a particular musician might be necessary, but for me I'm happy just to be surrounded by their wonderful music. I've included the name of the label that released each record, so if you're interested you can try and track them down for yourself. Though some of them may be hard to get hold of.

I'll be happy if this page provides you with the chance to encounter some new music, or perhaps to rediscover an old favourite. If you've got any comments, views, or questions please post them on our bulletin board. I'll do my best to answer any questions. And if my selections spark ofsome discussion, all the better!

– Kawabata Makoto (2002/01/27)

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makoto's listening room #1:
- Ensemble Volubilis/Entre Cours et Jardins [Ateliers Arc en Ciel]
this is the one of my favorite Occitan trad album. it sems this group plays also Baroque music often. this album was the CDR format! i can't imagine why such good album had to be released by CDR format...

makoto's listening room #4:
Danserye/El Cancionero Musical De Palacio [Preiser]
this is the troubadors group. but the sounds is like a little bit acid-folk atmosphere... maybe if you don't know about what troubadour is, you can start to listen from this album. and maybe you can find it at the record store easily.

makoto's listening room #5:
Kim Dae Rae/Supreme [Nices]
this is a great Korean shamanic traditional music. Nices released many great Korean traditional albums. i love Korean traditional music more than any asian music. too spritual!!

makoto's listening room #6:
Marie Rouanet/Chansons en Langue d'Oc [Sylvanes]
she is a famous French singer, so she sings only Occitan songs on this album. the sounds are very popular style not so traditional...(but i chose the most traditional atmosphere one...) if you can read French, please check it up

makoto's listening room #13:
-Cap-Negre/Passat Deman [Modal]
this is Occitan trd trio. they play very traditional style close to troubadours. maybe some people feels Occitan trad music has a little oriental atmosphere. of course they have their long history to meet other cultures... i'm very interested what different cultures cross over each others.

makoto's listening room #16:
Choeur Occitan Rosamonda/Se Canta...vol.1 [Gallo]
this group was directed by Gerard Zuchetto who leads Troubadours Art Ensemble too. i'm not sure Troubadours Art Ensemble is good or not...i have their 3 records...but i feel too much conception from their album...i cannot feel so much good spirits like the same atomosphere of Thomas Binkley... but this album is better than Troubadours Art Ensemble for me. especially they play many my favorite Occitan songs by acapella. Troubadours Art Ensemble has been many country. so maybe you can find their cds not so difficult. if you're interested in Occitan music and Troubadours, you can check it up. anyhow TAE's cds are good for the beginning to know what Occitan Music is. also if you can get Rosina de Peira's acapella album "Nadal Encara", you should compare it with this album. so you can know how great Rosina de Peira is.

-V.A./Tetsugohshi-Aika [CTA]
these songs are from Japanese jail. all song is imitated from famous ENKA (Japanese old fashioned popular music). i love this kind atomosphere... much the same with Delta Blues. although of course the sounds are very different... i can guess Mikami Kan had many influence from this kind of music. i can say this is the real Japanese Blues!

makoto's listening room #24:
Regrelh / Chant Dels Trobadors [Ventadorn]

makoto's listening room #25:
V.A. / Musiques Et Voix Traditionnelles Aujourd'hul vol.5 [Ariane]

  1. Terry Riley - Persian Surgery Dervishes

    makoto's listening room #1

    maybe everyone know about him and this LP. i prefer this one to other his works. of course i have LP and CD both...

  2. Various - Electrick Loosers - The Story Of Volkslied Into Krautrock

    7 For Sale from $20.93

    makoto's listening room #1

    this is the compilation of strange garage sounds. track#5 is from the1st EP (1968) of Inner Space from Koln (Germany) that is sound like absolutely Can! Inner Space was aka.Can or not? also i could find track#21 from the sound track of late 60's Japanese action film. you can listen the track of The Blackbirds by MP3. it seems they had 3LPs and several EPs...

  3. Fin' Amor - Colors Occitanas

    makoto's listening room #2

    this duo is my most favorite Occitan trad group. they released 2 albums on this label. this label is the most important for Occitan trad now. they reissued many good 70's Occitan trad albums by CD format now too.

  4. Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    makoto's listening room #2

    maybe everyone knows this famous film and the music too. i love what 60's atmosphere meets dark & heavenly world on this album. i feel so beautiful...

  5. Catharsis - Volume I "Masq"

    6 For Sale from $22.67

    makoto's listening room #2

    i prefer this French band to Magma and something else. this band uses always strange scat vocal style. anyway my favorite French composer is Francis Lai who uses scat too. maybe i may feel the scat is very French atmosphere...but i love this kind of Bad music!

  6. Rosina De Peira E Martina

    makoto's listening room #3

    -Martina e Rosina de Peira etc./Nadal Encara [Revolum]

    Rosina de Peira is the most famous Occitan singer, also this Christmas album is very famous too. Revolum has released many her albums and great Occitan trad albums since 70's.

  7. The Master Musicians Of Joujouka - Joujouka Black Eyes

    makoto's listening room #3

    i don't like almost African music, but i prefer Moroccan music. of course my first experience of Moroccan music was Brian Jones' album when i was teenager. but now i prefer this one because more primitive atmosphere that is very important for me.

  8. Syd Barrett - Magnesium Proverbs

    makoto's listening room #3

    it seems everyone love him now, of course me too. so maybe many people has his many bootlegs, of course me too! anyway especially i love this front cover! but i think if you have his 3cd-box, probabry it's enough.

  9. Various - There Where The Avalanche Stops - Music From The Gjirokastra Folk Festival, Albania, 1988, Volume One

    8 For Sale from $15.00

    makoto's listening room #4

    this is music from Albania. i prefer East European music too. they have kinds of throat singing too. i was very surprised when i heard this area's music first time in late 70's. always i think there are many great music where i don't know...

  10. Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising

    makoto's listening room #4

    maybe many people likes this album. now you can get it easily from this website. i was verrrrrrrrry surprised to find this website! my friend bought his latest works on this site, but he said it was just New Age music... oh man... i have 6 bootleg LPs of his electronics works and out takes of Lucifer Rising, the sounds are so beautiful. anyway i didn't know he was still alive

  11. De Maire En Filha

    makoto's listening room #5

    De Maire en Filha/Terra Maire [Dralhe]

    i could find this amazing Occitan duo (they are mother & daughter) in last June when i played solo in Toulouse. then the organizer set up the session with Beatrice who was the daughter. also then she sang some songs as solo performance, it was too great. after the concert Frederic gave me this album. (this is 2nd album. i try to find 1st album, but i cannot still now...) then i could see many copies of this album at Fnac in Paris. so maybe you can find it not so difficult. also you can mail-order on this website by English, French and Oc.

  12. Can Am Des Puig - The Book Of AM (Part One: Dawn And Morning)

    makoto's listening room #5

    maybe you know this very famous album of a part of Gong family. anyway i love this kind of acid-folk style. when i start to hear it, i cannot stop... it is a kind of the dream music for me.

  13. Charlemagne Palestine - Strumming Music

    makoto's listening room #6

    i love this album. i heard it 100times and more and more... when i hear it, i remember my first piano solo that was recorded 1979. i played only one key during 45minutes also same rythm. then i didn't know minimal music well...just only i liked "repeat". when i played and heard kinds of "repeat", i felt the same things by repeat changed other things even if the same thing was repeated. and at last i couldn't understand where the biginning was also where the ending was... i felt it was like an infinite music.

  14. Richard Youngs - Sapphie

    makoto's listening room #6

    anyway i love his voice and singing. of course i like his minimalist side too. but especially i love this album. he plays only an acoustic guitar and sings. when AMT played in Glasgow first time in 1998, he played as our opening act. then he played from this album with a guitar. so i want him to sing more on our next collaboration. anyway i want to hear his singing more and more...

  15. Sequentia (2) - Dante And The Troubadours

    1 For Sale from $17.44

    makoto's listening room #7

    maybe many people knows this famous group. this is really heavenly music... when i was tired, i prefer hearing this album. if there is my angel anywhere, i'd like to meet her...

  16. Sandra Julien

    makoto's listening room #7

    Sandra Jullien/Sexy Poem [Victor]
    she was 70's French porno actress, and she appeared on Japanese 70's porno films too. when i was teenager, i saw her Japanese film at the very small cinema theater in down toun Osaka. she released one album on Japanese majour record company then. she sang by French and very bad Japanese both. this track is taken from a part of her film. (but of course the sound track album has never released!) i love this kind of BAD music. also i love beautiful French women!!

  17. Frédéric* - Frédéric

    makoto's listening room #7

    this album was released by our label. i want you to hear this beautiful album. anyway i bring many copies of this album on this tour, so if you're interested in it, please get it in this time!

    i'm on the tour until 9th of April, so i cannot update Makoto's listening Room in this period. but i really hope you'll write your live review and something else what you think about this tour on this BBS. we really hope you can enjoy our concerts. Let's Rock!!

  18. Perlinpinpin Fòlc - Musica Gasconha - Als Curiós

    makoto's listening room #8

    i have this cd and the vinyl of same sleeve, but some bonus tracks are put on this CD reissue. this band is the one of my favorite Occitan trad group. i'm glad to listen to same songs that were played other Occitan musicians... also this album too. this band uses many acoustic instruments (and maybe electric bass), but for example Rosina de Peira uses acoustic instruments and electric instruments too. anyway i'm very interesting both style. and i feel very different atmosphere between the male vocalist and female vocalist.

  19. Iannis Xenakis - Musique Électro-Acoustique

    6 For Sale from $17.23

    makoto's listening room #8

    in the first, i want to say one thing to Fractal Records "Thank you so much for release it!" i love this album. i'd never listend it until Fractal released it. i have other albums of Xenakis's electric music, but this one is the best for me! anyway i wanted to see him while he alive

  20. Daevid Allen - Banana Moon

    makoto's listening room #8

    i prefer Deavid Allen to Gong. i love his vocal always...

  21. Ensemble Tre Fontane

    makoto's listening room #9

    Tre Fontane/Le Chant Des Troubadours vol.1 [Alba Musica]

    i bought it at Occitan Music Centre in Toulouse. but i'm not sure these songs are Occitan trad music or not... i can guess these are just Troubadours and they are one of medival music emsemble. anyway Tre Fontane's sounds are like very acid folk for me...because not so sublime.

  22. Messiaen* - Par Lui-Même

    2 For Sale from $17.98

    makoto's listening room #9

    Messiaen is one of my favorite composer. and i prefer the recordings what the composer plays himself. also of course he was the very great organist you know... this CD box is too great! if you like Messiaen, you should buy it in the first.

  23. Gore Gore Girls - Strange Girls

    makoto's listening room #9

    why i knew this Detroit girls band... when AMT played in Detroit, we played with Detroit psychedelia Outrageous Cherry. i like this band, so i tryed to find any their information by internet. and i was intersted in the beautiful female drumer Deb's playing what was like NEU! at last i could find her another band Gore Gore Girls. the one of disc review said "Ronettes meet MC5!"... so i asked one guy in Detroit to send me this album. but i was disapointed that Deb left the band, also the band is finished now... at least i wanted to see thier concert. i could hear 2 words like Japanese speaking in this introduction "watasi sugoi...(i'm great!)", it is very strange for me... please tell me what she speaks? by the way i want to get their first EP "Mamma in the Movies" on Charles Records. can anyone help?

  24. Gacha Empega - Polyphonies Marseillaises

    4 For Sale from $5.00

    makoto's listening room #10

    this album is one of Occitan polyphony. it's too beautiful... we'd like to sing like this, but my singing is very bad...oh man...

  25. Joseph Szigeti

    makoto's listening room #10

    - Joseph Szigeti & Bela Bartok/Szigeti & Bartok [Vanguard]

    i like Bartok, so i've tryed to find any recordings of his own playing. still now i could find only this one. but it is great session, because he plays with Szigeti! i prefer this session to any improvisation by "boresome" free jazz musicians! they play Beethoven, Debussy and Bartok's songs on this album.