Marvels of Experimental Music

By holterbach holterbach
updated 3 months ago

Totaly subjective : these are my super favorites records of experimental and contemporary music. My whole life would have been different without these...
Music to travel by, to disolve to, to let streams of life and consciousness go by, to feel connected to the micro and macro dimensions

Drone, transient, meditative, concrete, noise, chaotic, hazy, nocturnal, flux, field recording, repetition, patterns, natural phenomenon, dive deep into listening.

  1. Alvin Lucier - Crossings (Three Works For Classical Instruments And Oscillators)

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    Septet For Three Winds, Four Strings And Pure Wave Oscillator is a pure marvel. The two other pieces are a bit more dry but stil splendid

  2. Alvin Lucier - Roland Dahinden, Hildegard Kleeb - Panorama

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    The experimental processes that lead to pieces like Music For Piano With One Or More Snare Drums, and Music For Piano With Amplified Sonorous Vessels are as simple as magical if you consider the wonderful result. i've been listening to these pieces so many times...

  3. AMM - The Crypt - 12th June 1968

    With a preference for the vinyl LP boxset, since the shorter versions of the performance, splited in 4 sides brings, imho, is focusing listening