Mastering Engineers

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A list of Mastering Engineers that will be updated from time to time.

  1. Mastering Engineer

    Has worked at RCA Recording Studios, New York.

    Aliases: J. Adelman, JA, ℐ⍺

  2. UK mastering engineer. Born June 20, 1944.
    Worked for Lyntone Recordings Ltd. and later Damont Audio, producing the metalwork and/or stampers. Can be identified by "MAX" or "MA." in the run-out grooves.

    Aliases: M.A., mA, mA ., mA ∙, MA., mA·, MAX, Max., Max·

    Between March 2002 and July 2011 director and engineer in his own company Sterling Sound Limited, based in London.

  3. Mastering Engineer at Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC, USA.

    Sometimes adds two music notes after his initials:
    CSB ♪♪

    Aliases: C Batts, C S B, C S B ♪♪, C. Batts, C.S.B., Carlton, CARLTON ♪♪, Carlton Balls, Carlton Bates, Carlton Batts-F, CSB, CSB ♪ ♪, CSB ♪♪, CSB♪♪

  4. Chris Bellman was a mastering and mix engineer for Los Angeles based Allen Zentz Mastering right out of college until 1984. Now he is a mastering and mix engineer working for Los Angeles based company Bernie Grundman Mastering.

    Aliases: C.B., CB, CB., Chris, Chris "In The Bass We Trust" Bellman, Chris "The Finalizer" Bellam, Chris "The Finalizer" Bellman, Chris (Lets Fuck Some Shit Up!) Bellman, Chris Bellmann, Chris Bellmon, Chris Belman, Chriss Bellman, Christ Belman, AZ CB

  5. Producer, mastering and recording engineer from Providence, Rhode Island. Started his career as a guitarist, bassist and back-up singer for some of the early rock stars such as Roy Orbison, Freddie Cannon and Kini Lester.

    In 1969 Chet became involved with Muscle Shoals Sound by cutting demos and discs for them. That same year Chet became a writer for Muscle Shoals Sound Pub [BMI] and Formular Music [ASCAP] with his friend Terry Woodford who headed up those companies.

    In the early 80's Chet moved on to CBS records where he cut records for Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson to Willie Nelson and the rest of the CBS roster. Recently, Chet was co-owner of AANCO entertainment group/Manitou Records where he co-produced Eddie Three Eagles, a two-time #1 seller of Native American Music worldwide. Today, Chet heads up "Muscle Shoulders," his new CD label, which has a roster of new and old releases.

    Aliases: C. Bennet, Chet

  6. British rock engineer and producer. Though mostly known for his work with bands like Deep Purple (1970-1976), Rainbow, Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Blue Öyster Cult, Birch also produced numerous British rock bands such as Fleetwood Mac (1969-1973) before retiring in 1992.

    Aliases: Martin 'Black Night' Birch, Birch, M. Birch, Martin "Pool Bully" Birch, Martin ' Masa' Birch, Martin ' Massa' Birch, Martin 'Basher' Birch, Martin 'Big Ears' Birch, Martin 'Black Night' Birch, Martin 'Disappearing Armchair' Birch, Martin 'Farmer' Birch, Martin 'Masa' Birch, Martin 'Sir Larry' Birch, Martin 'The Wasp' Birch, Martin ‘Disappearing Armchair’ Birch, Martin " Sir Larry" Birch, Martin "Basher" Birch, Martin "Big Ears" Birch, Martin "Black Night" Birch, Martin "Black Night" Birch, Martin "Court Jester" Birch, Martin "Disappearing Armchair" Birch, Martin "Doc" Birch, Martin "El Granjero" Birch, Martin "Farmer" Birch, Martin "Headmaster" Birch, Martin "Jah" Birch, Martin "Jay" Birch, Martin "Karate Kid" Birch, Martin "Live Animal" Birch, Martin "Marvin' Birch, Martin "Marvin" Birch, Martin "Masa" Birch, Martin "Mummy's Curse" Birch, Martin "Phantom Of The Jolly Cricketers" Birch, Martin "Plan B" Birch, Martin "Pool Bully" Birch, Martin "Pool Bully" Birch* , Martin "Pull Bully" Birch, Martin "Sir Larry" Birch, Martin "The Bishop" Birch, Martin "The Juggler" Birch, Martin “Farmer” Birch, Martin “Headmaster” Birch, Martin “Marvin” Birch, Martin “Pool Bully” Birch, Martin “The Bishop” Birch, Martin (P. C.) Birch, Martin (P.C.) Birch, Martin (PC) Birch, Martin (Q. & A.) Birch, Martin (Q.& A.) Birch, Martin (Q.&A.) Birch, Martin (The Juggler) Birch, Martin (The Ninja) Birch, Martin (The Wasp) Birch, Martin Birch (The Wasp), Martin Mirch, Marvin Birch, Saint Martin 'Doc' Birch, Saint Martin "Doc" Birch, THE WASP

  7. Denis Blackham has been mastering music since joining I.B.C. Studios in 1969. For 27 years he cut vinyl, signing the dead wax as BilBo (3). Some 45 releases have 'A Bilbo Boppa' etched. Since 1989, he has concentrated on CD mastering.

    After leaving I.B.C. in 1973, Denis worked for various companies including Phonodisc Ltd., RCA Studios, London, The Master Room (1976-77), Nimbus Records (1977-78), Tape One (1978-89) and Porky's Mastering.

    In 1996 Denis started his own Country Masters facility at his Surrey home. In 2002 he moved to the Isle of Skye and changed his company name to Skye Mastering.

    In May 2014 Denis announced his retirement from mastering.

    Aliases: BilBo, BILBO, Blackham, D B, D. Blackham, D.B., Dannis Blackham, DB, DB., Denis, Denis 'Bilbo' Blackham, Denis "Bilbo" Blackman, Denis (Bilbo) Blackham, Denis Blackam, Denis Blackburn, Denis Blackhan, Denis Blackman, Dennis, Dennis (Bilbo) Blackham, Dennis Blackham, Dennis Blackhan, Dennis Blackman, Денис Блэкхем

  8. Chris Blair joined Abbey Road Studios in 1969 as a Tape Operator when he worked on sessions including Joe Loss, Ken Dodd and Des O’Connor. After a request to ‘help out’, he was asked to be a tape operator on The Beatles’ Abbey Road album, recorded that summer. Chris then moved into disc-cutting, first producing acetates before moving on to mastering singles, albums and CDs.

    Aliases: Blair, Blair's, Blairs, Blairz, C. B, C. Blair, CB, Chris, Chris 'King Fader' Blair, Chris 'King Fader' Blair, Chris "Baby-face" Blair, Chris "Baby" Blair, Chris "Bomber" Blair, Chris Blair (Abbey Road Studio), Chris Blair (Abbey Road Studios), Chris Blur, Chris'King Fader'Blair, MR BLAIR, ʙʟ⍂ɪʀ or ʙʟ△ɪʀ

  9. Mastering engineer.

    Aliases: LB

  10. American songwriter, mastering engineer at Precision Mastering, music publisher, jazz singer, record producer, and music supervisor. Current Affiliation: BMI CAE/IPI #: 130573500 132 Work Titles listed.

    Aliases: R. Boustead, RB, Ron Bousted, Ron Boustead (Precision)

  11. An American mastering engineer

    He is known to have worked at:
    Atlantic Studios
    Sound Cutting Inc.

    Aliases: A. Brown, ⍺ʙ, aB, Al Brown

  12. Senior mastering engineer who began his mastering work in 1973 at Record Plant. Three years later (1976) he moved to Sterling Sound, where he mastered records for nearly 20 years. In 1994 he switched to Masterdisk for 4 years, before eventually returning to Sterling Sound again in 1998. Etched GC, ☆, or ⊗ (resembles a baseball) can often be found near the Sterling stamp in a runout.

    Aliases: Brey Calbi, Calbi, Craig Calbi, Creg Calbi, Gc, gc., Gegg Calbi, Gerg Calbi, Gleg Calbi, Greb Calbi, Greg, Greg "Mel" Calbi, Greg (father calbi) Calbi, Greg Caibi, Greg Calbe, Greg Calbi, Greg Calbie, Greg Calby, Greg Caldi, Greg Cale, Greg Calibi, Greg Calvi, Greg Calvy, Greg Colbi, Greg Colby, Greg Galbi, Greg Kalbi, Greg Kalby, GregCalbi, Gregg Calbi, Gregg Clabi, Gregory Calbi, Ⓗ

  13. Mastering and vinyl cutting engineer who began his career in 1974. Owner of Better Quality Sound.
    Mastering signature: DC BQS (may be often misread as DeBos, DeB?s, DeBφs, DcBφs, Dc365, DeRcs, DeRos, Lee Ros or similar).

    Aliases: D.C., Dave Chepa, Dave Cheppa, David C., David Cheppah, Dc, DC BQS, DC Bφs, DcBqs, DcBφs, DeBes, DeBos

  14. Mastering Engineer of the Year 2013 at the Music Producers' Guild Awards.
    Mastering Engineer since 1997, formerly of Porky's (1997–2001), Kinetec Mastering (2001–2003), Optimum Mastering (2003–2007) Alchemy Mastering (2007–2008), and Air Studios Air Mastering (2009 - 2012), London. Currently Director and Mastering Engineer at the relaunched Alchemy Mastering.

    Aliases: MATT @ AIR, MATT @ ALCHEMY

  15. Mastering engineer

    Started his career at Frankford/Wayne Recording Labs in 1978 where he worked with dance and R&B throughout the 1980s.

    In 1989 he moved to The Hit Factory, where he established himself as an expert in hiphop and R&B.

    In 1994 he was hired to Sterling Sound which he bought with his associates in 1998.

    Today he is one of the biggest names mastering Hiphop, R&B and Pop music.

    Aliases: ¢, Coin, DMS₵, T. Coyne, T.C., TC, TC-E, Tom "Crush" Coyne, Tom "Fruit Of My Loins" Coyne, Tom "Kick You In The Groin" Coyne, Tom "Turd Polisher" Coyne, Tom "Under Par" Coyne, Tom "Where Are We Going" Coyne, Tom "White Man" Coyne, Tom (The Referee) Coyne, Tom Coin, Tom Coine, Tom Cowne, Tom Coyen, Tom Coyle, Tom Coyn, Tom Coyne (The Turd Polisher), Tom Coynes, Tom Coyns, Tom Coyone, Tom Cyone, Tomcoyne, Ȼ, ₵

  16. Mastering Engineer

    Known to have worked at Masterdisk and Tape One.

    Aliases: D C, Dave Crawford, DC, Masterdisk DC, DC, whereas D is incorporated into the top of the C (usually associated with Masterdisk)

  17. For Mastering Engineer from Elektra Sound Recorders please use Terry Dunavan. Their etches are similar; "TD" please check carefully before entry.
    Owner and Engineer at Phantom Mastering

    Tony Dawsey, Mastering Engineer, has opened his own studio, Phantom Mastering, circa 2014. Prior to Phantom, Tony was a long-time senior Masterdisk mastering engineer.

    Aliases: T D, TD, Tiny Dawsey, Tom Dawsey, Toni Dawsey, Tony "I Like This One" Dawsey, Tony ("Yo, This Is It") Dawsey, Tony (Sounds Like A Hit) Dawsey, Tony (Sounds Like A Single) Dawsey, Tony Dawley, Tony Dawsy, Tony Dorsey, Tony Dosey

  18. For Mastering Engineer from Masterdisk or Phantom Mastering please use Tony Dawsey. Their etches are similar; "TD" please check carefully before entry.

    Known to have worked at Elektra Sound Recorders

    Aliases: Donovan Sound, Dunavan, ESR TD, TD, Terry Donavan, Terry Donovan, Terry Dunavon

  19. Mastering and editing Enginer, known to have worked at United Artists Recording Studio, Los Angeles, California.

    Aliases: EcK, ƐcK

  20. Mastering engineer.

    Has worked at Atlantic Studios and Bell Sound Studios. His work can often be identified by his initials, sf, etched in the runout area.

    Aliases: Sam Faldman, sf, Sf., sƒ

  21. Mastering engineer. Known to have worked at Artisan Sound Recorders.

    Aliases: GF, Greg " The Pope Of Hollywood" Fulgiuti, Greg "The Rope" Fulginiti, Greg (The Pope) Fulginiti, Greg Fuginetti, Greg Fulgenetti, Greg Fulgineti, Greg Fulginetti, Greg Fulginitti, Greg Fulginity, Greg Fulginti, Gregg Fulginiti, Gregory Fulginetti, Gregory Fulginiti, Gregory Fulginti, Gregory Fulgniti

  22. American mastering engineer.

    Worked at QCA Custom Division / QCA Custom Pressing from 1971 to 1978, Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, Florida, from 1978 to 1986, when he founded his own facility Fullersound, also in Miami. Fullersound relocated to Fort Lauderdale in 2009.

    Aliases: MF, Michael, Michael "Full-O-Bottom" Fuller, Michael (I Give A Fullersound) Fuller, Michael Fuller, Micheal Fuller, Mike "Boom-A-Delic" Fuller, Mike "Dese Maggot Rekids Is Crazy" Fuller, Mike "Nextup" Fuller, Mike "Tweek It" Fuller, Mike Fueller

  23. Mastering engineer at Trident Studio, London and subsequently operating at Allen Zentz Mastering, Hollywood and Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood. Often referred to as "Big Bass".

    The inscribed flower and bird motifs in the deadwax to the right of AZ are of mastering engineer Brian Gardner.

    'Big Bass' Brian Gardner, 'Big Boss' Brian, "Big Ass" Brian Gardner, "Big Bass Brian" Garner, "Big Bass" Brain, "Big Bass" Brian, "Big Bass" Brian Chandler, "Big Bass" Brian Gardener, "Big Bass" Brian Gardner, "Big Bass" Bryan Gardner, "Big Bass" Gardner, "Big Boss" Brian, "Big Boss" Brian Gardner, "Bigg Bass" Brian Gardner, "Brian Big Bass" Gardner, “Big Bass” Brian Gardner, ︵︵, (2 birds in flight), [Flower Symbol], {flower etching}, ❀, AZ [flower symbol], AZ❀, B. Gardner, Bass Master, Brian Gardner, BG, Big "Bass" Bryan, Big Base Brian, Big Bass, Big Bass Brain, Big Bass Brian, Big Bass Brian Gardner, Big Bass Bryan, Big Bass Gardner, Big Brass Brian, BigBoominBassBrian, Bigg Bass Brian, Biran "Big Bass" Gardner, BKG, Braian Big Bass, Brain 'Big Bass' Gardner, Brain "Big Bass" Gardner, Brain "Big Bass" Gardner*, Brain Gardner, Brian, Brian - Big Bass - Gardner, Brian - Big Bass Gardner, Brian ''Big Bass'' Gardner, Brian 'Big Ass' Gardner, Brian 'Big Bass' Gardener, Brian 'Big Bass' Gardiner, Brian 'Big Bass' Gardner, Brian 'Big Bass" Gardner, Brian 'BigBass' Gardner, Brian " Big Bass" Gardner, Brian "Bass" Gardner, Brian "Big Ass" Gardner, Brian "Big Base" Gardner, Brian "Big Bass K. Garnder, Brian "Big Bass' Gardner, Brian "Big Bass", Brian "Big Bass" Gardner, Brian "Big Bass" Cardner, Brian "Big Bass" Gardener, Brian "Big Bass" Gardiner, Brian "Big Bass" Gardner, Brian "Big Bass" Gardner*, Brian "Big Bass" Garnder, Brian "Big Bass" Garner, Brian "Big Bass" Gartner, Brian "Big Bass" Gatdner, Brian "Big Bass" K. Gardner, Brian "Big Bass"Gardner, Brian "Big Basss" Gardner, Brian "Big Boss" Gardner, Brian "Big Bottom" Gardner, Brian "Big Brass" Gardner, Brian "BigBass" Gardener, Brian "Bigbass" Gardner, Brian "Bigg Bass" Gardner, Brian "Bis Bass" Gardner, Brian "Controlled Overkill" Gardner, Brian "Super Bass" Gardner, Brian "The Bass" Gardner, Brian "The Father of Bass" Gardner, Brian “Big Bass” Gardner, Brian «BigBass» Gardner, Brian (Big Bass), Brian (Big Bass) Gardener, Brian (Big Bass) Gardner, Brian (Big Bass) Garner, Brian [Big Bass] Gardner, Brian Bass Gardner, Brian Bernie, Brian Big Bass, Brian Big Bass Gardener, Brian Big Bass Gardner, Brian Big Brass Gardner, Brian Chandler, Brian G., Brian Gadner, Brian Gardener, Brian Gardiner, Brian Gardner @ Bernie Grundman Mastering, Brian Gardner A.K.A. Big Bass Brian, Brian Garnder, Brian Gartner, Brian Grundman, Brian K. Gardner, Brian K.Gardner, Brian Knapp Gardner, Brian" Big Bass" Gardner, Bryan ''Big Bass'' Gardener, Bryan "Big Bass" Gardener, Bryan "Big Bass" Gardner, Bryan "Big-Bass" Gardner, Bryan Gardner, wcw.

  24. Veteran mastering and lacquer-cutting engineer. Frequently initials his work in the dead-wax runout grooves with lowercase "cg" followed by a small peace symbol "☮". These days a senior audio and mastering engineer working at New York's Sterling Sound.

    Has worked at:
    1984: Trutone Records (NJ)
    1985-1988: Frankford-Wayne Mastering
    1988-2000: Hit Factory Mastering
    2000-Present: Sterling Sound, New York.

    Aliases: C Gehringer, C. Gehringer, C.G., cb, cg, cg (peace sign), cg ☮, cg☮, Chris, Chris "Sneak Tip" Gehringer, Chris "The Dolphin" Gehringer, Chris Chris Gehringer, Chris Dehringer, Chris G., Chris Gahringer, Chris Gallagher, Chris Garinger, Chris Garringer, Chris Geghringer, Chris Geheringer, Chris Gehranger, Chris Gehrenger, Chris Gehringe, Chris Gehringher, Chris Gehrings, Chris Gerhinger, Chris Gerhringer, Chris Geringer, Chris Geringher, Chris Gerringer, Chris Gethringer, Chris Gheringer, Chris Gheringuer, Chris Gueringher, Uncle Chris Gehringer

  25. Sound Engineer / Mastering Engineer. Co-founder of Gold Star Studios.

    Aliases: Dave Gold, dg, dj