Masterpieces of synth-pop and new wave

By hysteric hysteric
updated 17 days ago

...and also some industrial.

A loose interpretation of the genre(s) and by no means intended to be an all-inclusive list, however I personally recommend all records listed here.

this is a work in progress

  1. Various - The Signal To Noise Set

    9 For Sale from $78.95

    One of the greatest synth/wave compilations

  2. Die Doraus Und Die Marinas - Blumen Und Narzissen

    37 For Sale from $9.47

    NDW classic.
    Maybe not for all tastes, but certainly for mine.

  3. Ann Steel - Ann Steel

    11 For Sale from $31.57

    Beautiful music, not really comparable to anything else.

  4. East Wall - Silence

    13 For Sale from $47.37

    East Wall are better known for the 12" hit "Eyes Of Glass", but this is an amazing album from a few years later.
    Crossing through different styles and with many great tracks, my favourite being "Ice Of Fire".

    A must for fans of Kirlian Camera.

  5. Various - Body Section

    10 For Sale from $31.58

    Incredible compilation which has recently been re-pressed.
    Get it now!

  6. Victrola - Maritime Tatami / A Game Of Despair

    3 For Sale from $104.21

    No words can accurately describe how good this record is.

  7. Hard Corps - Metal & Flesh

    5 For Sale from $42.00

    (Almost) everything of this great band in one place.

    The CD is overpriced and hard to find, but i think the tracks are now legally available for download.

  8. Iko - '83

    7 For Sale from $50.00

  9. Go Flamingo! / Intelligence Dept. / Plastic Trash - A White Chance

    11 For Sale from $15.79

    The Intelligence Dept. tracks on this are superb.

  10. Telex - Neurovision

    9 For Sale from $15.78

    One of the first synth-pop records i ever bought.
    Still sounds really fresh.

  11. Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses

    what more can be said about this one?

    silence of the lambs, holy grail, etc

  12. Statues In Motion - Statues In Motion

    5 For Sale from $52.53

    I found this in a thrift store some years ago and had no idea of it's rarity.
    Excellent synth-pop and new wave LP from Greece.

    "Let's Face the Heroes" is the real standout, but the rest of the LP is nice too.

  13. Jacno - Jacno

    15 For Sale from $21.05

    Jacno R.I.P.