Masters of Dance Music Part One

By airwolffliesagain airwolffliesagain
updated over 5 years ago

Timeless artists & their spectacular funky beats

  1. 2 In A Room - Wiggle It

    House Music at its best!

  2. Mr. Lee

    Great Chicago Acid House!

  3. 3



    Superb Italo House!

  4. Cappella

    Magnificent Italo House in every aspect!

  5. Black Box

    The finest Italo House ever!

  6. Starlight

    One of my favorite Black Box and Italo House tunes - NUMERO UNO!!!! aka BLACK BOX : )

  7. Rosso Barocco

    More Black Box at its best!

  8. Inner City

    Amazing pioneer Detroit techno house! Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins & Derrick May rule!

  9. Odyssey (4)

    Supercool Euro Dance!!!

  10. Eon - Basket Case

    AKA Depth Charge, Octagon Man, Bizarre Inc. & J. Saul Kane - a must-have, must-play, must-listen to!

  11. 808state* - Pacific808:98.Cubik

    14 For Sale from $1.90

    808 State of Ecstatic Dance Music!

  12. Danny Tenaglia

    Spectacular dark tribal house garage music!

  13. 13



    Lovely latin tribal house garage vocalist. One of the best!

  14. 14



    Superb techno melodic pop house trance disco... It's ERASURE!!! Need I say more?

  15. Deee-Lite

    Deeeliteful beats, vocals and samples. Supergroovy megafunky house tunes!

  16. 16



    Country House Music? Yeah!!!! The best ever!!!

  17. Urban Cookie Collective

    Wonderful House tunes! One of my fave Dance Acts!

  18. 18

    Kon Kan

    Kon Kan

    Amazing Classic Acid House beats and tracks. : )

  19. Outta Control

    Barry Harris - Kon Kan: the creator of this supercool project

  20. Real McCoy

    Splendid Euro dance house tunes.

  21. 23