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  1. 41 For Sale from $9.68

    The first of many to follow

  2. 1 For Sale from $108.68

    Stay Strong - Stay Low - Stay Strong - Stay Low - Stay Strong - Stay Low

  3. 7 For Sale from $11.96

    The 3rd lane is for passing

    Move it or move it

  4. 5 For Sale from $4.35

    Choose your poison,

    mine is hardcore

  5. 8 For Sale from $6.50

    Highway to the leisure zone

  6. 6 For Sale from $21.74

    Peace,keep it underground from the T.T.T.U.

  7. 17 For Sale from $16.20

    Stay strong-stay low-stay strong-stay low-stay strong-stay low

    W.P.A. World Power Alliance

    The world power alliance was formed somewhere in Detroit, Michigan U.S.A on may 22, 1992 at 4:28 pm by various elements of the worlds underground legions. The alliance is dedicated to the advancement of the human race by way of sonic experimentation

    W.P.A. World Power Alliance

    The world power alliance was designed to bring the worlds minds together, to combat the mediocre audio and visual programming being fed to the inhabitants of earth, this programming is stagnating the minds of the people building a wall between races and world peace. This wall must be destroyed, and it will fall.

    By using the untapped energy potential of sound, the W.P.A. will smash this wall much the same as certain frequencies shatter glass.

    Brothers of the underground transmit your tones and frequencies from all locations of this world and wreak havoc on the programmers.

    This is war!
    Long live the underground

  8. 14 For Sale from $14.81

    From Earth to Chip to Plastik

  9. 39 For Sale from $1.23

    Dedicated To Sun Readers

  10. 7 For Sale from $6.17

    Do drugs

    Do more drugs!

  11. 41 For Sale from $1.09

    Maam that's a weird trip. You ain't yet seen next ya know two fat ladys are reachin in to pull ya out by the gut.

    Man you think I hope the whole world don't stink like this but that´s the scene you just entered into the wicked wide world

  12. 11 For Sale from $8.63

    Together Again

    ...and Going Hard

  13. 7 For Sale from $48.91

    You cannot do much about the length of you life

    but you can do a lot about the depth and width

  14. 8 For Sale from $3.26

    To the power of friendship. Thanks Rob

  15. 11 For Sale from $5.43

    Special shout outs from Container to the D.J's

  16. 13 For Sale from $24.68

    Dig'n'Martin finally make it onto vinyl! Cheers to all you crazy sick fuckers who have supported the Earache label, and a big hi! to all hardcore buddies. Don't always believe what you read. Grindcrusher freebie

    'What, two bleedin' 1 second songs?' - What did you expect for nowt, cheapskate!! This disc is part of a special ltd edition pressing ~ your lucky number is 666/1000. Collectors price: £25. Earache would like to thank all bands, past and present; Accüsed, Heresy, Napalm Death, Unseen Terror, Spazztic Blurr, Carcass, O.L.D., Intense Degree, Sore Throat, Electro Hippies, Repulsion, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Godflesh, Terrorizer, Filthy Christians, Lloyd and everybody at Revolver, John Peel, John Walters, and last but not least, YOU! A mega voodle of a disc - Grindcrusher freebie. Look out for Grindcrusher vol.2!!!

  17. 42 For Sale from $97.74

    Like a donkey choking a waffle

    Mexican accidents are bound to happen

    For a good time call Lars Stalfors 714261-0533

    I wish you would burn my mother fucking clothes... real talk!I

  18. 14 For Sale from $4.93

    You say, c'mon man this will be awesome. I know the DJ. She's amazing. She put me on the list plus two. And have you heard the sound system? Oh boy it's like bathing in sound! And the crowd there is so nice. They go mad in there! And since we are on the guestlist we don't have to wait in line. I also know a guy behind the bar so we can drink a few shots for free! C'mon, you will miss the party of your life if you don't join us. It's like out of this world in there. You gotta come with us dude! You don't know what you are missing! And believe it or not I heard a rumour that Sven will be there. So don't be such a bore, this will be the night of all nights.

    I say, no no no. I am too tired right now and I have been clubbing for the last few weeks. I need an evening off! I want to stay home and watch a movie. Maybe cook something nice and go to bed early. I know how it's gonna end: the club closes, we'll find a nice crew, go to one afterhour, go to the next afterhour and end up totally wasted in some club again. Also Sven called. He wants to have a coffee with me tomorrow.

  19. 29 For Sale from $5.42

    Freak out now Greetins to Underground Resistance

    The R&S crew Enjoy the flight Fasten seatbelts No smoking Ready for take-off Go!

  20. 8 For Sale from $2.47

    Ye Cannae Just Touch Them.

    Todos Las Colombianas Son Putas

  21. 8 For Sale from $5.43

    Spurting is good therapy. A porky prime oops I spurted.

    Don't abuse drugs use them accordingly. Porky to Choci-Hi

  22. 3 For Sale from $32.61

    What the fuck are you looking a? There's no secret message here you stupid prick!

    And there's no message here either cunt!!

  23. 10 For Sale from $44.89

    Erste hilfe bei stromun fällen...
    First aid at power accidents ...

    ...puls kontrollieren!
    ...control the pulse!

    Keine blanken schaltungsteile berühren.
    Don't touch stripped circuit parts.

    Bei ausgesetzter atmung künstlich beatmen.
    Hype respiration at intermittented respiration.