Metal, Death

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  1. Brutality

    1st album dank

  2. Disinter

    1st album good

  3. Encenathrakh

    CRAZY heavy out there mindless abstract brutal Mick Barr technical Weasel Walter death metal madness!

  4. Catatonic Atrocity

    one great album

  5. Radiation Blackbody

    Mathy instrumental grind, bass+ drums
    Perfect for what it is/5

  6. Vomit Remnants

    Good death metal, 3.5-4.5

  7. Begrime Exemious

    Saw live

  8. Cephalic Carnage

    Cephalic Carnage are a grindcore/death metal band from Colorado, USA who have dubbed their sound "Hydrogrind" because of their appreciation for marijuana along with grindcore and death metal. The band was formed in 1992 by vocalist Leonard "Lenzig" Leal and guitarist Zac Joe but went on hiatus shortly after recording a demo tape. The band was resurrected in 1996 and Leal and Joe were joined by long-time mainstays Steve Goldberg (guitar) and John Merryman (drums). The band signed with Relapse Records in 2000. Although primarily a grindcore/death metal band, Cephalic Carnage have also experimented with doom metal, sludge, and metalcore (the latter as parody resulting in the song "Dying Will Be The Death Of Me" which appeared on 2005's "Anomolies" LP).
    Bandcamp, Facebook, MySpace,,, Wikipedia
    Alex Marquez, Brian Goldberg, Brian Hopp, Doug Williams (3), Jawsh, John Merryman, Leonard Leal, Nick Schendzielos, Steve Goldberg (2), Zac Joe

  9. Artificial Brain

    Avant garde death metal!

  10. Human Filleted

    fin 2019

  11. Cerebral Effusion

    brutal death metal. constant frog noises

  12. The Ravenous (2)

    Defunct US based death metal band.
    Chris Reifert, Clint Bower, Danny Coralles, Danny Lilker, Killjoy (3)

  13. 14



    Half brutal half classic death metal.

  14. Rampancy (2)

    decent but basic antifa project

  15. Brilliant Coldness

    4.5 tightness

  16. Dehumanized

    3/5 slam

  17. Liturgy - Dawn Of Ash

    track 2

  18. Geryon (3)

    Two-man NY-based avant-garde technical prog-death metal band comprised of one half of Krallice, namely bassist/vocalist Nicholas McMaster and drummer Lev Weinstein.

    The duo solely uses bass guitar, drums, and vocals in their music.

  19. Animals Killing People

    Animalist guttural grind

  20. Cephalopod

    female fronted NZ death metal band, good instrumentals but hardcore vocals

  21. Dawn Of Dementia

    some talented young fucks but shitty deathcore vocals

  22. Aborted Christ Childe

    some underground oldschool grindcore some weird evil shit thats probably racist to some degree
    some tracks 4.5/5