Metallica-related punk rock

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  1. Ramones - Ramones

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    Metallica recorded several covers of classic Ramones songs for the 2003 Ramones tribute album We're a Happy Family. "53rd & 3rd" was picked for the album and the rest were released as B-sides of the St. Anger single.

  2. Ramones - Leave Home

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    Recorded "Commando" for the 2003 Ramones tribute.

  3. Ramones - Rocket To Russia

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    Recorded "Cretin Hop" and "We're a Happy Family" for the 2003 Ramones tribute.

  4. The Misfits* - Beware

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    In 1985 Cliff "the major rager on the four string motherfucker" Burton had a cassette whose cover was black all over with nothing on it except a piece of white tape with the word "Mezzfits" written on it. It was the only thing he (and the rest of the band because he had the absolute control over the tape player) listened to during that year's summer. The band later covered a couple Misfits songs on their 1987 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited. They have played live "Last Caress" 789 times as of March 1 2012.

  5. Killing Joke - Killing Joke

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    Metallica knew the song "The Wait" from a mixtape given to Cliff Burton by a friend of the band who is mentioned on the backsleeve of the Kill 'Em All album as Rich "Bang that head that doesn't bang!!!" Burch. They later covered it on the Garage Days Re-Revisited EP.

  6. The Misfits* - 3 Hits From Hell

    "London Dungeon" is a band's favorite.

  7. Anti-Nowhere League - Streets Of London

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    Covered "So What" on their 1991 single The Unforgiven. Nick "Animal" Culmer has performed live with the band several times.

  8. Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

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    Covered "Free Speech for the Dumb" on their 1998 album Garage Inc..

  9. Social Distortion - Mommy's Little Monster

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    Included the title track on the 2009 video game Guitar Hero: Metallica.

  10. Fang (2) - Landshark!

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    Covered "The Money Will Roll Right In" live a couple times in 1985.

  11. Misfits - Earth A.D. / Wolfs Blood

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    Speed metalled "Green Hell" on the Garage Days Re-Revisited EP.

  12. Misfits - Die Die My Darling

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    Covered "Die Die My Darling" on the Garage Inc. album. They also released it as a single.

  13. Discharge - The More I See

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    Covered "The More I See" on the Garage Inc. album.

  14. Corrosion Of Conformity

    Hetfield is a longtime COC fan, way before their mainstream success in the mid 90's. He appears on the COC album Wiseblood doing back vocals on one song. Metallica brought them on tour and covered "Holier" (from the album Animosity) live a couple times in 1995. They also included the song "Albatross" on their Guitar Hero music video game.

  15. Samhain - November-Coming-Fire

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    "Mother of Mercy" is featured in the Guitar Hero video game.

  16. Massappeal - Nobody Likes A Thinker

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    Papa Het-approved Australian skate punk.

  17. Life Sentence - Life Sentence

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    Everybody was a Life Sentence fan back in the mid/late 80's and Metallica were no exception.

  18. Suicidal Tendencies - Join The Army

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    "War Inside My Head" is featured in the Guitar Hero video game. Join the Army was co-produced by longtime Metallica friend Les Claypool of Primus. Current 'Tallica bassist Robert Trujillo played in SxTx for several years until he left the band to join Ozzy Osbourne.

  19. Septic Death

    Hetfield appears on the Septic Death EP Burial Mai So. He also introduced the band at their last show. Hammett appears on Kichigai and other SD releases. Pushead has been doing artwork for Metallica since the Master of Puppets days. His first drawing for them was the Damage, Inc. skull in collaboration with Hetfield.

  20. Broken Bones

    Metallica have acknowledged the UK hardcore punkers as one of their influences.

  21. Cro-Mags

    Hetfield was into the Cro-Mags back in the 80's.

  22. 22



    Although not to the same degree as the NWOBHM, the UK 82 second wave of British punk was a big influence on Metallica's early sound. GBH were one of the leading exponents of the scene.

  23. Plan 9 (9)

    Good Misfits-style horror punk doesn't escape 'Tallica's attention.

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