Millennium Hardcore

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There was a somewhat divisive split in the Hardcore scene starting in the late 90's. Some producers started embracing a slower style of Gabber referred to as "Nu Style" which was slower and began to become more similar to Hard House. Many hardcore enthusiasts hated hard house and the club scene it typifies, and frequently DJs would be booed by one group of fans and cheered for. After this initial split occurred and Hardcore had its toughest transition period, there became a resurgence in the 2000's which later became known as "Millennium Hardcore". The two Gabber scenes eventually united in the middle and embraced a resurgence through a variety of compilations such as Master of Hardcore, A Nightmare in Rotterdam, and the long running Thunderdome. Besides just the Netherlands there was a large Italian Hardcore community that contributed to the scene.

We did not include Hardcore subgenres in this list that were more extreme directions such as Darkcore & Industrial Hardcore or faster hardcore such as Terrorcore and Speedcore. These ultimately may be part of that era but not the same "classification".

Selections from DJ Thumpa From His Mixtapes

"I've spent the last 6 months or so trawling through my unmixed CDs, junodownload and hard tunes as I've been getting right back into my 2000-2009 stuff. Hope no one minds me posting the mixes up here! So many forgotten gems amongst the usual Angerfist / Tommyknocker / Ophidian stuff, the rabbit hole is deep on this one! Mostly 2000-2009 music here with bits of earlier 97-99 (we called it new style) and some early uptempo (when it was amazing)."~DJ Thumpa

Millenium HC Thread
RYM List (3 disc collection)

  1. Various - Thunderdome XX

    3 For Sale from $19.38

    Single Artist Tracks in the Mix
    Acardipane & DJ Rob ft MC Joe - Statement Of Power 
    Accelerator - Back On The Scene 
    Armageddon Project - Tell The People 
    Braincrash - Respect 
    BSE - Headache FM 
    Bulldozer Project - Something Special 
    Chosen Few - Haterz 
    Cryogenic vs Darkcontroller - Seen It All 
    Da Tekno Warriors ft Mark V - Put Ya Hands Up 
    Damage Inc - Turn Around (DJ The Viper Remix) 
    Destructive Tendencies vs Chrono - Fever Pitch 
    Digital Boy - Dirty Muthafuckerz 
    DJ Delirium - Blazin' Out Your Speaker (Amnesys Remix) 
    DJ Distortion & Paul Elstak - Motherfucker 
    DJ Gizmo - Shut Em Down 
    DJ Inyoung & Static - The Message 
    DJ Isaac - Face Down, Ass Up 
    DJ JDA - Voel Je Die Bass (Bass D & King Matthew Remix) 
    DJ Killah - Hardcore Survivor (Placid K Remix) 
    DJ Niel - Battlefield 
    DJ Paul & The Stunned Guys - Bombing Eardrumz 
    DJ Rob vs The Future - What Do We Die For 
    DJ Vince & Promo - Lyin' Through Your Teeth 
    DJ Viper - Intellectual Killer (Nosferatu & Endymion Remix) 
    DJ Youri & DJ Mon-E - Groovebird (Hard Mix) 
    Dr Macabre - Danse Macabre 
    Drokz & Tafkat - My Inner Crisis 
    Elite Forces - The Prince Of Darkness 
    Enzyme X - Kapotnaaien 
    Exagon & Da Boomer - Dirty Trash 
    Ferox - Getting High 
    Ferox & Ki-Real - Destiny 
    Gif Phobia - No Friends 
    G-Shock - Demons (Promo Remix) 
    G-Town Madness & The Viper - Buck 'Em Down 
    Hard Creation - Let's Get Them All 
    Hardcore Brothers - Lost Minds 
    Inyoung & Dazzler - Keep The Pindasaus 
    Jappo & Lancinhouse - Exlxaxl (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix) 
    Lenny Dee & Promo - I Called You 
    Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Sudden Death 
    Mad E Fact - The Hustle 
    Marshall Masters - Return To Zero 
    Masters Of Ceremony - A Way Of Life (Promo Remix) 
    Masters Of Noise vs Re Style - No Holding Back (Nitrogenetics Remix) 
    Micron - Superhuman 
    Miro - The Shining 
    Miss Flower - Princess Of The Posse 
    Na-Goyah - Ready To Die 
    Nexes - Dedicated To Dancers 
    Nexes - T-Virus 
    Nico & Tetta - Hardcore Motherfucker 
    Nitrogenetics - Rise & Shine 
    Nocternal - Domme Mensen 
    PCP - Zombie 
    Peaky Pounder - Fasttalking 
    Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never 
    Profound - Darkness Intensity 
    Q-Tex - Ice Cold 
    Rave Creator - Black Sunday 
    Rayden - Push The Button 
    Razzle Dazzle Trax - Rattle Brain (DJ Isaac’s Special Mix) 
    Rotterdam Terror Corps - Schizophrenic 
    Section Grabuge ft Black Mamba - Trouble Dome 
    Shadowlands Terrorists - Droppin’ Bombs 
    Source Code - I'm Not A Number (Headbanger Remix) 
    System 3 - Like A Shot 
    T-Factor - How Many More Out There 
    The Blaster - War Is Coming Man 
    The Dark Twins - Abstract Beating System 
    The Genesis Projection - World Grid 
    The Raven - Is Anybody Out There (2002 Remix) 
    The Vinyl Junk - Get A Little Stupid 
    Thunder - Looking Down 
    Tieum - My Words And My Balls 
    Tieum & Partyraiser - Equipment Fail 
    T-Junction & Osiris ft MC Syco - Livin' The Hard Life 
    Unexist & Promo - The Missing Chromosome 
    UVC - Death Is..
    Void Settler - Gnomes Tinker With Time 
    Weapon X - Strictly The MF Core 
    Zanthrax - Dark By Nature 
    Zero Six Project - Motherfuckin' DJ

  2. The Alienator

    Alienator - Alien Resurrection 
    Alienator - Causin' Panic 
    Alienator - Prey (Headbanger Remix)

  3. Angerfist

    Angerfist - Bonified Alkoholik Music Making Motherfucker (Dr Z-Vago Remix) 
    Angerfist - Cannibal 
    Angerfist - Criminally Insane 
    Angerfist - Fuck Off 
    Angerfist - The Fast Lane 
    Angerfist & Tieum - Just Know

  4. Art Of Fighters

    Art Of Fighters - Bit Crusher 
    Art Of Fighters - Digital Shampoo 
    Art Of Fighters - Hardcore Makes The World Move (DJ Promo Remix) 
    Art Of Fighters - I'm Your Enemy 
    Art Of Fighters - Release 3 
    Art Of Fighters vs Nico & Tetta - I Became Hardcore

  5. Base Alert

    Base Alert - Ojeeoink 
    Base Alert - Zoo

  6. Bass-D & King Matthew

    Bass D & King Matthew - Fly Away 
    Bass D & King Matthew - Nuclear Hardcore 
    Bass D & King Matthew - The Masterplan (DJ Outblast & Dr Z-Vago Remix)

  7. Bodylotion

    Bodylotion - How Much Can You Take? (Catscan Remix) 
    Bodylotion - How Much Can You Take? (Catscan Remix) 
    Bodylotion - Neighbourhood Crime 
    Bodylotion - No Worries

  8. Buzz Fuzz

    Buzz Fuzz - Buzzyness = Buzzyness 
    Buzz Fuzz - Jealousy Is A MF (The Demon Dwarf Remix) 
    Buzz Fuzz vs Bass D & King Matthew - Its Alright

  9. Catscan

    Catscan - Capture In Distress 
    Catscan - Enemy On The Run 
    Catscan - Exploded Vain 
    Catscan - Future Is Now 
    Catscan - Secret Valley 
    Catscan - WOIII 
    Catscan & D-Passion - Phreaking Electronics

  10. Darkcontroller

    Darkcontroller - Copkiller 
    Darkcontroller - Twisted Fuck (The Unfamous Remix) 
    Darkcontroller & Nonasylum - Brainwash (Onix Remix) 
    Darkcontroller vs Hellter Skellter - Take This 
    Darkcontroller vs Nonasylum - Dead Man Walking 
    Darkcontroller vs Nonasylum - What The Fuck (Hardcore Masterz Vienna Remix) 
    Darkcontroller vs S’Aphira - 6 Demons

  11. DJ Dione

    Dione - Pain Till I Die 
    Dione - The Way Is Shut
    Dione & Darkcontroller - Fucking With My Head
    DJ Dione - Asshole 
    DJ Dione - Highway To Hell 
    DJ Dione - Oh God

  12. DJ Adrien

    DJ Adrien - Competition 
    DJ Adrien - No Competition

  13. 13

    DJ Bike

    DJ Bike

    DJ Bike - Back To Reality (Remix) 
    DJ Bike - Bike's Drum 
    DJ Bike - Da Bomb 
    DJ Bike - Pass Me (Endymion Remix)

  14. 14

    DJ D

    DJ D

    DJ D - I Set You Up 
    DJ D - Shock The Future 
    DJ D & The Viper - Loose Control 
    DJ D ft Art Of Fighters - Game Of Pain

  15. DJ Isaac

    DJ Isaac - Face Down, Ass Up 
    DJ Isaac & The Viper - Freak That Shit 
    DJ Isaac & The Viper - The Real Shit

  16. DJ Kristof

    DJ Kristof - Requiem For A Dream (DJ Rob vs Da Future Remix) 
    DJ Kristof & Bad Boy - Seasons Of Mist (DJ Nosferatu Remix)

  17. DJ Mad Dog

    DJ Mad Dog - Kick That Shit 
    DJ Mad Dog - So What About The...?

  18. 18

    DJ Neil

    DJ Neil

    DJ Niel - Battlefield 
    DJ Niel & Kristof - A Nightmare, Raving 
    DJ Niel & Kristof - Judgement Day

  19. DJ Outblast

    DJ Outblast - Eargazm 
    DJ Outblast - Hardcore Time
    Outblast & Catscan - Stamp Gevaar 
    Outblast vs Drokz - Black 04

  20. 20



    DJ Promo - Emotions Over Anger 
    DJ Promo - Escape From The Hostile 
    DJ Promo - Just A Feeling 
    DJ Promo - Message To The Majors 
    DJ Promo & The DJ Producer - Everything Gained, Nothing To Lose 
    DJ Promo & X-Ess - Vicious Circle
    Promo - Different Breed Of Men (Meccano Twins Remix) 
    Promo - Far From Done 
    Promo - My Future Destiny

  21. D-Passion

    D-Passion - Fuck The Free World 
    D-Passion - Put Things Right (Endymion Remix) 
    D-Passion & The Wishmaster - Divine Breed

  22. Dr. Z-Vago

    Dr Z Vago - Rising Sun 
    Dr Z-Vago - Bonebreaker (Chrono & The Demon Dwarf Remix) 
    Dr Z-Vago - My Destiny

  23. Edge Of Darkness (3)

    Edge Of Darkness - Maniac 
    Edge Of Darkness - Out Of The Cage

  24. Endymion

    Endymion - Abduction 
    Endymion - Failure (Meagashira Remix) 
    Endymion - Failure (Nosferatu Remix) 
    Endymion - Inner Sanctum 
    Endymion - It's All Music 
    Endymion - Looking For Your Own Kind 
    Endymion - Mind And Body As One 
    Endymion - Payback 
    Endymion - Payback 
    Endymion - The Core 
    Endymion - Voices Of The Death 
    Endymion & D'Spyre - Original Sin 
    Endymion ft Meagashira - Headroom

  25. 25



    E-Noid - Aggressive Behaviour 
    E-Noid - Back Up (Darkcontroller & Para Italia Remix) 
    E-Noid - Destination Death 
    E-Noid - I Don't Give A Damn (Nosferatu Remix)