Minimal Synth~Wave Releases from the 1980's

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updated 6 days ago

Minimal Synth LPs/12"s/7"s/cassettes from the 1980's. This list is completely subjective and obviously not all inclusive. This list will be updated with news and vinyl reissue updates as they become available. BE SAFE AND BE WELL.

  1. Ting Voice - Ting Voice

    From Matthias Schuster of the group Bal Paré.

  2. Alive She Died - Viva Voce

    Rereleased March 9, 2017 by Geheimnis Records ‎– GHMN.025. Best reissue of 2017!

  3. Class Info - Inside

    3 For Sale from $301.38

    Only the track "Out of Line" appears on the "Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Two" LP compilation.

  4. A Gethsémani* - Ame Triste

    This brilliant minimal synth cassette has finally been reissued by Tunnel Vision Records (2) ‎– TV003 - April 2019.

  5. Daily Fauli - Fauli Til Dauli

    4 For Sale from $581.40


  6. Duotronic Synterror - Pech Und Schwefel

    Reissed on the Duotronic Synterror ‎compilation on the WSDP label ‎ (WSDP 015) in 2004. This reissue is also long OOP.

  7. Jyl - Jyl

    17 For Sale from $63.95

    Finally! Minimal Wave reissued September 2020.

  8. L'Aventure Imaginaire - La Fin De L'Innocence

    2 For Sale from $116.27

    Absolute minimal synth gem.

  9. Salaried Man Club - Gray Cross

    Reissued May 2020 by Vinyl On Demand as part of The Vanity Tape Box. Fantastically foreboding.

  10. Je T'aime (2) - Love Song For You

    Outstanding tracks.

  11. Silueta Pálida* - El Paso Del Tiempo

    4 For Sale from $63.57

    Mexican Minimal Synth from '84.

  12. Scenes De La Boheme - Bohemian Broadcast Of Comeliness

    1 For Sale from $1,046.51

    Minimal Wave released a mini LP that includes this 7" in April 2019.

  13. Scatterbrains - Musical Marriage

    1 For Sale from $463.95

    Only a few tracks are of the minimal synth sound.

  14. The Shining Path (3) - Basic Training Manual

    1 For Sale from $316.20

    Reissued in Nov. 2016 by Anna Logue Records (ANNA 054).