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  1. Davenport* - Sheridan's Ride

    Poem by Thomas Buchanan Read, spoken with sound effects.

  2. No Artist - The Nation's Nightmare (Traffic In Narcotics / Crime On The Waterfront)

    4 For Sale from $850.00

    This album is a recording of a CBS Radio Series broadcast from July 19th and August 16th, 1951 (Repeated on September 13th and September 27th, 1951)

    No speakers or artists are listed. Quinn and Gosfield's names are announced on the recording.

  3. Henry Jacobs - Radio Programme No.1: Henry Jacobs' "Music & Folklore"

    6 For Sale from $22.00

    "MUSIC AND FOLKLORE" is a weekly radio program heard on station KPFA, Berkeley, America's only listener-sponsored F M radio station. The program is devoted primarily to the presentation of exotic music - African, Indian, West Indian, Flamenco, Balinese, etc. Occasionally guests are interviewed on the program. These guests might be foreign students from the cultures of which the music hails; they might be local experimenters in the fields of quasi-ethnic or concrete music; or they might be a mythological "authority" such as Dr. Sholem Stein or the multi-ethnic "Jocko". Most of the materials for this recording were taken from various programs in the "Music and Folklore" series.

    Includes 8-page booklet.

  4. No Artist - Living French: A Complete Language Course

    11 For Sale from $2.00

    Course Copyright 1946, 1955, Crown Publishers, Inc
    Manufactured in U.S.A.

    Includes 128-page "Living Language Conversation Manual (French)" and 124-page "Common Usage Dictionary (French-English/English-French)"

  5. Dexter Gordon - Dexter Blows Hot And Cool

    1 For Sale from $681.82

    Recorded November 11 & 12, 1955.

  6. Alec Templeton - Alec Templeton And His Music Boxes

    2 For Sale from $4.99

    45 tracks of 24 different music boxes selected from the Templeton collection

    "For the next 44 minutes, Mr. Templeton would like to take you away from the cares and tensions of today and transport you back to the gay, quiet era of not so long ago-the era of the music box, that forerunner to the modern phonograph..."

    Label Reads (Both Sides): "Not Licensed For Commercial Use"

  7. Walter Cronkite - Dramatic Highlights Of The 1956 Democratic And Republican National Conventions

    3 For Sale from $4.00

    From the record sleeve:
    "Dramatic Highlights of the 1956 Democratic and Republican National Convention Presented with the compliments of The Westinghouse Electric Corporation and your Westinghouse Dealer." Other online images suggest that the "compliments of" was tailored for various corporations, but the Westinghouse Dealer credit remained constant.

    "Limited Exclusive Edition" "Not To Be Sold"
    "Narrated by CBS Commentator Walter Cronkite"
    "Your Personal Record of the Voices That Made The News"

    From the record labels:
    Side A: Westinghouse and your Westinghouse Dealer present Dramatic Highlights of the Democratic National Convention
    August 13-18, 1956 / Chicago, Illinois

    Side B: Westinghouse and your Westinghouse Dealer present Dramatic Highlights of the Republican National Convention
    August 20-23, 1956 / San Francisco, Cal.

    Both Sides: Narrated by CBS Commentator Walter Cronkite / 33 1/3 RPM Long Playing / A Columbia Transcriptions Productio

  8. Various / Charles Collingwood - Eleven Presidents Speak: Every President From Cleveland To Eisenhower: Actual Voices From Their Famous Speeches

    2 For Sale from $2.50

    Copyright 1956 by General Electric.

    "Not For Sale - A Columbia Transcription Production"

    This release was not sold, according to the label, and appears to have been a complimentary promotional item used to sell Hotpoint's "Hi-Vi" television range around 1956. Much of the material was sourced, again according to the label, from a Heritage 12" long-playing album entitled "If I'm Elected" (H-1201), although some of the recordings of FDR, Truman, and Eisenhower are credited to Tony Schwartz of Legend Recordings, Inc.

    Charles Collingwood's linking narration provides a background for clips taken from recordings, some on early acetate discs and even wax cylinders, of Presidents going as far back as Grover Cleveland (in his second campaign for the White House of 1891). Cleveland's voice is followed by that of William McKinley, who was President until his assassination in 1901.

    The label appears to have listed the Presidents out of order (see photo for Side A), as it places Taft before Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt, who was President from McKinley's assassination until 1908, was succeeded by William Howard Taft, who was President from 1909-1912, after which he became the only American President to also hold the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The order has been corrected for the track listing.

    The sleeve notes are by author Irving Stone, perhaps best known for his book "The Origin", although he is credited on the sleeve as author of "Men to Match My Mountains", published by Doubleday & Co., New York.

  9. Russ Garcia And His Orchestra* - Hi-Fi Music For Children From 2 To 92

    4 For Sale from $6.79

    From Liner Notes:
    "...arranged by Russ Garcia in a manner which will please the classical devotee, the jazz enthusiast, the pop fan and the hi-fi bug."

    Release date from Billboard 12 Aug 1957 page 67

  10. Mike Nichols & Elaine May - Improvisations To Music

    5 For Sale from $3.40

    On Labels: Made in Canada by Quality Records Ltd.
    On Jacket Front: Printed In Canada
    On Jacket Back: (Buy Canadian Logo) Keep Canadians Working, Printed In Canada On Canadian Paper

    Publishing Information -
    A1, A2, A3, B1, B3, B4: Pure Music (BMI)
    A4: Irving Berlin Music (ASCAP)
    B2: Harms, Inc. (ASCAP)

  11. E. Power Biggs - The Organ

    3 For Sale from $14.95

    An aural and visual guide compiled and discussed by E. Power Biggs, with sounds of many modern and historic organs.

    40 page hardcover book. Includes LP.

  12. Ornette Coleman - Something Else!!!!

    Recorded February 10 & 22, March 24, 1958 at Contemporary's studio in Los Angeles.

  13. Kurt Schwitters - An Anna Blume / Die Sonate In Urlauten

    Limited edition of 100, numbered on the record labels. Signed by Philip Granville.
    Available at Lords Gallery, 26 Wellington Road, London, N.W.8

  14. John Cage / David Tudor - Indeterminacy: New Aspect Of Form In Instrumental And Electronic Music

    8 For Sale from $37.00

    Includes booklet.

    Late in September in 1958 I was in Stockholm in a hotel. I set about writing the present lecture which I was obliged to give a week later at the Brussels Fair. I recalled a remark made years before by David Tudor that I should make a talk that was nothing but stories. The idea was appealing when he gave it to me but I had never acted on it. A few weeks before, in Darmstadt, Karlheinz Stockhausen had said, "I'll publish your Brussels talk in Die Reihe." I replied, "You'd better wait and see what it is I write." He said, "No matter what it is, I'll publish it." My intention in putting 90 stories together in an unplanned way is to suggest that all things, sounds, stories (and, by extension, beings) are related, and that this complexity is more evident when it is not over-simplified by an idea of relationship in one person's mind. Most of the stories are things that happened that stuck in my mind. Others I read in books and remembered, those for instance, from Kwang-Tse and Sri Ramakrishna. The 2nd, 15th, 16th, 46th, and 75th stories are to be found somewhere in the literature surrounding Zen. David Tudor: piano, whistles, tape machines, and amplified slinky.

    David Tudor plays material from his part of the Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1957-58), using tracks from the Fontana Mix (1958-59) as noise elements where these arae notated in Concert

    There are 2 different sets here. One has Blue/Silver record labels and the "INDETERMINACY' on the box front is Red. The other has Red/Black record labels and the word "INDETERMINACY" on the box lid is Grey. (cortical)

  15. John Cage - The 25-Year Retrospective Concert Of The Music Of John Cage

    4 For Sale from $99.99

    Recorded in performance at Town Hall, New York, May 15, 1958.

    Six Short Inventions for Seven Instruments (1934)
    Construction in Metal (1937)
    Imaginary Landscape No. 1 (1939)
    The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs (1942) - text adapted from James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake"
    She is Asleep (1943)
    Sonatas and Interludes (1946-48)
    Music for Carillon (1954)
    Williams Mix (1952)
    Concert For Piano And Orchestra (1957-58)

    Includes 18-page booklet with text and photographs, plus 12 inserts each of which illustrates portions of scores along with text explainations

  16. Jack Kerouac Featuring Al Cohn And Zoot Sims - Blues And Haikus

    4 For Sale from $225.00

    The art-soaked, kicks-filled life of Jack Kerouac produced three records, and the second one Blues and Haikus found him in the studio with post-bop saxophone mainstays Al Cohn and Zoot Sims. While the record only sporadically attains the heights of its rather lofty ambitions, it remains a fascinating document, for it illuminates Kerouac as an artist of beautiful if problematic vision, vindicates Cohn and Sims as a pair of true pros, and brings great perspective to the mindset and milieu of the ‘50s American hipster.

  17. Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Rosemary Clooney & The Hi-Lo's - Music To Shave By

    25 For Sale from $1.19

    "The adjustable Remington Roll-O-Matic shaver presents: Music To Shave By.
    This is the first Hi-Fi recording ever to be included in a national magazine ad.
    It's a gift to you from Remington Rand, makers of the Remington Roll-O-Matic shaver, the one gift for all men."

  18. Paul D. Holtzman, Miwa Kai, Hidejiro Kotani - Listen & Learn Japanese

    1 For Sale from $15.00

    Three 12-Inch Long-Playing Records & Manual

    Japanese vocal transcription by
    Miwa Kai and Hidejiro Kotani, Columbia University.
    English transcription by
    Professor Paul D. Holtzman, Penn State University

  19. Lee B. Steiner* - Sounds Of Self-Hypnosis Through Relaxation

    5 For Sale from $7.99

    Subtitled: "a documentary recording with Mrs. Lee B. Steiner, Certified Psychologist".
    "The content and timing of this recording have been validated with novices who learned the method in the process of making this recording".