Mispresses, Misprints, Typos

By Dzekson Dzekson
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Mispressed sound carriers, misprinted or misspelt cover, label or insert

  1. The Beatles - All My Loving

    2 For Sale from $515.02

    Side 1 centre label with The Beatles' "ALL MY LOVING" attached on both sides but side 1 plays "Yes It Is" - the B side of 'Ticket To Ride' by The Beatles (R 5265) - run out: 7XCE 18255-2 - and side 2 plays The Baron Knights' "Pop Go The Workers" (DB 7525), run out: 7XCA 28894-IU.

  2. The Beatles - Love Me Do

    2 For Sale from $125.00

    Rare mispressing that was accidentally pressed on red vinyl. Around 250 to 300 copies were made.

  3. The Beatles - The Beatles' Second Album

    Mispress: side B contains Warner Bros' MS2080 (Fleetwood Mac - Bare Trees), run out: MS-2-2080-WB#2 MS2080(obliterated) (31417-1) WB, instead of the correct Beatles side B (with the code ST-2-080).

  4. The Beatles - Yesterday... And Today

    1 For Sale from $45.00

    Mispress: although this repress is marked as stereo on cover and on labels and uses a Capitol stereo prefix (ST) for the matrices - run out side 1: ST-1-2553-G35, run out side 2: ST-2-2553-G32 - this pressing used the mono mix - not a 'fold down' resulting from a production error, but the actual US mono master from the 60s, including the 3 "USA" mixes for tracks 2, 4 and 7. (Beatles VI from the same run, with the rainbow labels from 1983, is similarly in mono.)

  5. The Beatles - Yesterday And Today

    Mispress: The original mono master was used accidentally for this pressing, giving the mono version it's first new pressing since the 60s!

    Even though it has a new catalog number and matrix stamp, you can still see the old matrix stamp ST-1/2-2553 scratched out in the run-outs. These are pressed at Specialty Record Corporation, identified in the matrix with a large S surrounding R and C stamped in the run-out.

  6. The Beatles - Rubber Soul

    Misprint: Side 1 shows YEX 179 and Side 2 shows YEX 178, and the handwritten etching corrections in the matrix are also wrong. The matrix numbers 178 and 179 in the run outs are scratched out as part of the machine stamping, replaced by ONE and TWO handwritten, even though they don't match the tracks.

    So, in other words, for Side 1: the label text shows the matrix number for side 2 (YEX 179) and the run out states "TWO TWO" even though the label "Side 1" and the tracks are indeed Side 1. And vice-versa for Side 2.

  7. The Beatles - Rubber Soul

    Mispress: tracks disordered, track A3 (You Won't See Me = No me verás) swapped with track B1 (What Goes On = What Goes On = Que pasa).

  8. The Beatles - Birthday / Taxman

    Mispress: this single was pressed on black vinyl by mistake. After the initial run, this was corrected and it was repressed on green vinyl. However, about 200 copies were circulated before the error was discovered and the remainder of the black vinyl run destroyed.

  9. The Beatles - Revolver

    1 For Sale from $599.99

    Misprint: side A and B play 1976's Pussycat - First Of All LP, EMI Australia release.

  10. The Beatles - Revolver

    1 For Sale from $36.05

    MIspressed version from 1981. All disc and sleeve labelling is correct for a stereo edition, but side 2 plays mono and displays mono matrix XEX 606-3 in runout.

  11. The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

    4 For Sale from $29.32

    Mispress: side B plays Lou Rawls - Little Drummer Boy instead of I Am the Walrus.

  12. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    3 For Sale from $65.00

    Mispress: Side 2, run out: SMAS 2 2653 W9 #3, stamper was defective, causing loss of channels during "Good Morning Good Morning" (horns, vocals).

  13. The Beatles - All You Need Is Love

    Misapplied centre label on side: Ray Charles - "Somebody Oughta Write a Book about It" - HMV 1595

  14. The Beatles - Abbey Road

    3 For Sale from $22.56

    Misprint: this is probably a 1992 issue of the album which actually plays the Edith Piaf - Best of Edith Piaf CD compilation released at the same time. Identical cover art and CD label to the 1987 CD pressing.

  15. The Beatles / Kingston Trio - Meet The Beatles

    Mispress: Side 2 does not contain any of the listed songs on the label. It is really The Kingston Trio, run out: SAL-7029B ST2-20776 3. Note that this is not a copy of the US album with same title, but is a copy of the Japanese album with same title.

  16. The Beatles - The World's Best

    Mispress: track A2, should be "All My Loving", is replaced by "Don´t Bother Me". No side B run out.

  17. The Beatles - 1962-1966

    Mispress: several minutes into the track C4, "Day Tripper", the right channel goes out completely and returns in about 1.5 seconds. There appears to be nothing stuck in the groove to cause this.

  18. John & Yoko*, The Plastic Ono Band - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

    1 For Sale from $16.92

    Misprint, probably the one of a kind, unique copy: back cover layout shifted so much to the right thus the APPLE and Jugoton logos with catalogue number in the top right corner are only partly visible (Ap/Jug/SAP-) and the second line of the text to the right seam ("»Made in Yugoslavia...") is completely covered with the front cover, only the first line is scarcely visible ("Jugoton PODUZEĆE ZA IZRADU...").
    As like the regular issue, the side B track title misspelt on back cover - full stop instead of comma: "LISTEN. THE SNOW IS FALLING".

  19. Ringo Starr - It Don't Come Easy

    Label misprint: states B-side is produced by Ringo. Actually it is Harrison.

  20. Ringo Starr - It Don't Come Easy

    9 For Sale from $2.51

    Label misprint: states B-side is produced by Ringo. Actually it is Harrison.

  21. Hawkwind, The Beatles - Silver Machine / Ask Me Why

    1 For Sale from $64.36

    Mispress: track B plays 'Ask Me Why' by The Beatles instead of 'Seven By Seven' by Hawkwind.
    'Ask Me Why' was also reissued around the same time as it was the 'B' Side of the 20th Anniversary 7" Picture Disc of 'Please Please Me'. Both artists at the time were on EMI subsidiary labels.

  22. Hawkwind - Silver Machine

    Misprint with the A side picture on both sides.

  23. Motörhead - Motorhead

    60 For Sale from $15.98

    Misprinted labels:
    Both are correctly printed with Side One and Two on them but both list the titles and publishers of Side Two (see images).

  24. Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Beatles - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

    Mispress: side B plays The Beatles – 1967-1970 (AMIGA stereo 8 55 742).