Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame inductees

updated over 9 years ago

Honoring Great Mississippi Musicians
Mississippi has produced hundreds of nationally and internationally known musicians. It is time we recognized and honored their achievements. The Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame has two major objectives:
1. Showcase successful Mississippi musicians.
2. Encourage public interest in and education about Mississippi’s music heritage.”


A city, site, or region is listed for each item in this list, presumably a birthplace or residence. These locations are copied from the msmusic.org web site, where the relevance of the locations is not defined.

Not in Discogs.com:
Prentiss Barnes
Ruby Pearl Elzy
Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield
Dardanelle Hadley
James Owens
Willard Palmer
Bob Pittman
Steve Rouse
Davis Ruffin
Lloyd Wells

William Brown
Delta Records/Jimmie Ammons
Skeets McWilliams = Cecil "Skeets" Williamson?

http://www.discogs.com/lists/Louisiana-Music-Hall-of-Fame/120552 (list by auboisdormant)

  1. Meridian

  2. Tippo

  3. Clarksdale

  4. Greenville

  5. Jackson

  6. Natchez

  7. Jackson

  8. Houston/Starkville

  9. Laurel/Clinton

  10. Ackerman

  11. Pontotoc

  12. Clarksdale

  13. Pascagoula

  14. Sunflower County

  15. Inverness

  16. Inverness

  17. Greenville

  18. Grenada

  19. Clinton

  20. Greenville