Most expensive items sold in Discogs Marketplace for October 2012

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The most expensive item sold in October 2012 was <a href="/Fun-Things-Fun-Things-EP/release/2742050">Fun Things EP</a> by <a href="/artist/Fun+Things%2C+The">The Fun Things</a>, released on Vinyl by EMI Custom Records, which sold for $1375.00. This is a new high for this release. As of 12/3/12 this release has sold for $1375.00 on average with a median selling price of $1375.00. The lowest this release has sold for was $1375.00. <a href="/sell/history/2742050">View current sales history</a>. <a href="/Fun-Things-Fun-Things-EP/release/2742050">Watch music videos for this release here</a>.

The top label is Chromatic Records appearing on 7&#37; of the releases. Vinyl tops this month's list at 93&#37; of formats. US represents over a quarter the release countries at 30&#37;. This month's most common years are 1990 and 2011 appearing in 10&#37; of the releases on this list. Rock represents over a quarter the genres at 50&#37;. Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, and Punk are the lead styles this month. 13&#37; of the releases this month came from Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, and Punk. The top buyers were from Japan at 33&#37;. Most sellers were from Germany at 20&#37;.

Thanks for checking out the highest priced items for this month! What phenomenon have you seen this last month in the marketplace

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  1. Fun Things - Fun Things

    4 For Sale from $1,170.89

    Sold for $1375.00
    Label: EMI Custom Records Format: Vinyl Country: Australia Released: 1980
    Genres: Rock Styles: Punk
    <a href="/release/stats/2742050#collection">9 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/2742050#wantlist">72 want this</a> | 1 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=2742050">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=2742050">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/315138#collection">61 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/315138#wantlist">126 want this</a> | 5 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=315138">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=315138">Sell another version</a>

  2. Pete Dello And Friends - Into Your Ears

    2 For Sale from $674.16

    Sold for $918.00
    Label: Nepentha Format: Vinyl Country: UK Released: 1971
    Genres: Pop, Rock Styles: Folk Rock, Pop Rock
    <a href="/release/stats/2015000#collection">3 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/2015000#wantlist">28 want this</a> | 1 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=2015000">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=2015000">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/315252#collection">10 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/315252#wantlist">44 want this</a> | 5 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=315252">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=315252">Sell another version</a>

  3. Homy Hogs - Nöje För Nekrofiler

    Sold for $838.00
    Label: No Records (7) Format: Vinyl Country: Sweden Released: 1981
    Genres: Rock Styles: Punk
    <a href="/release/stats/1803014#collection">7 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/1803014#wantlist">23 want this</a> | 1 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=1803014">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=1803014">Sell this version</a>

  4. Phish - Lawn Boy

    7 For Sale from $500.00

    Sold for $700.00
    Label: Absolute A Go Go Records Format: Vinyl Country: US Released: 1990
    Genres: Rock Styles: Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Arena Rock
    <a href="/release/stats/2547627#collection">13 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/2547627#wantlist">120 want this</a> | 2 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=2547627">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=2547627">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/310607#collection">79 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/310607#wantlist">121 want this</a> | 6 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=310607">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=310607">Sell another version</a>

  5. Silberbart - 4 Times Sound Razing

    10 For Sale from $331.46

    Sold for $666.00
    Label: Philips Format: Vinyl Country: Germany Released: 1971
    Genres: Rock Styles: Hard Rock, Prog Rock
    <a href="/release/stats/1783686#collection">14 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/1783686#wantlist">43 want this</a> | 5 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=1783686">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=1783686">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/173397#collection">19 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/173397#wantlist">49 want this</a> | 6 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=173397">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=173397">Sell another version</a>

  6. Ivan And The Executioners - I Wanna Kill James Tailor

    Sold for $650.00
    Label: Fine Taste Format: Vinyl Country: US Released: 1979
    Genres: Rock Styles: Punk
    <a href="/release/stats/3063305#collection">1 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/3063305#wantlist">15 want this</a> | 1 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=3063305">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=3063305">Sell this version</a>

  7. Rich David - California O.K.

    9 For Sale from $78.54

    Sold for $650.00
    Label: City Record Format: Vinyl Country: Italy Released: 1984
    Genres: Electronic Styles: Italo-Disco
    <a href="/release/stats/2568155#collection">14 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/2568155#wantlist">56 want this</a> | 2 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=2568155">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=2568155">Sell this version</a>

  8. Дос-Мукасан - Дос-Мукасан

    3 For Sale from $393.26

    Sold for $580.00
    Label: Мелодия Format: Vinyl Country: USSR Released: 1977
    Genres: Folk, World, & Country, Jazz, Rock Styles: Jazz-Rock, Psychedelic Rock
    <a href="/release/stats/3499327#collection">2 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/3499327#wantlist">32 want this</a> | 1 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=3499327">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=3499327">Sell this version</a>

  9. Porcupine Tree - Spiral Circus

    3 For Sale from $313.95

    Sold for $576.00
    Label: Chromatic Records, Chromatic Records Format: Vinyl Country: UK Released: 1997
    Genres: Rock Styles: Acoustic, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock
    <a href="/release/stats/2175738#collection">16 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/2175738#wantlist">77 want this</a> | 3 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=2175738">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=2175738">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/239471#collection">31 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/239471#wantlist">106 want this</a> | 3 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=239471">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=239471">Sell another version</a>

  10. Giuliano Sorgini - Zoo Folle

    3 For Sale from $1,067.42

    Sold for $561.00
    Label: Ricordi Format: Vinyl Country: Italy Released: 1974
    Genres: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Stage & Screen Styles: Soundtrack
    <a href="/release/stats/1823611#collection">8 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/1823611#wantlist">137 want this</a> | 1 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=1823611">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=1823611">Sell this version</a>

  11. The Rising Sun (3) - Good Loving

    Sold for $561.00
    Label: Kingston (2) Format: Vinyl Country: US Released: 1973
    Genres: Funk / Soul Styles: Funk
    <a href="/release/stats/2237801#collection">2 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/2237801#wantlist">25 want this</a> | 1 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=2237801">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=2237801">Sell this version</a>

  12. Butor* / Pousseur* - Votre Faust

    5 For Sale from $168.54

    Sold for $557.00
    Label: BASF, Harmonia Mundi Format: Vinyl, Box Set Country: Germany Released: 1973
    Genres: Classical, Electronic Styles: Contemporary, Experimental
    <a href="/release/stats/1683014#collection">9 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/1683014#wantlist">52 want this</a> | 8 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=1683014">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=1683014">Sell this version</a>

  13. Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

    11 For Sale from $20.00

    Sold for $550.00
    Label: Roswell Records, RCA Format: Vinyl Country: US Released: 2011
    Genres: Rock Styles: Alternative Rock
    <a href="/release/stats/2817423#collection">455 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/2817423#wantlist">90 want this</a> | 15 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=2817423">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=2817423">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/326257#collection">1097 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/326257#wantlist">317 want this</a> | 37 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=326257">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=326257">Sell another version</a>

  14. Circle Of Ouroborus - Veneration

    2 For Sale from $449.44

    Sold for $517.00
    Label: Not On Label (Circle Of Ouroborus Self-released) Format: Vinyl Country: Finland Released: 2008
    Genres: Rock Styles: Acoustic
    <a href="/release/stats/1934388#collection">10 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/1934388#wantlist">61 want this</a> | 2 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=1934388">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=1934388">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/181343#collection">22 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/181343#wantlist">88 want this</a> | 3 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=181343">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=181343">Sell another version</a>

  15. Dead Can Dance - SACD Box Set

    6 For Sale from $561.79

    Sold for $500.00
    Label: 4AD Format: CD, CD, Box Set Country: Japan Released: 2008
    Genres: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Rock Styles: Ethereal, Modern Classical, Experimental, Indie Rock
    <a href="/release/stats/1389096#collection">87 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/1389096#wantlist">99 want this</a> | 40 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=1389096">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=1389096">Sell this version</a>

  16. Dogma (4) - Land Of Utopia

    Sold for $478.00
    Label: Blue Moon Productions (2) Format: CD Country: Taiwan Released: 1997
    Genres: Electronic Styles: Goa Trance
    <a href="/release/stats/477519#collection">39 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/477519#wantlist">89 want this</a> | 7 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=477519">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=477519">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/89408#collection">93 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/89408#wantlist">173 want this</a> | 23 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=89408">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=89408">Sell another version</a>

  17. Wolf Vostell - Dé-coll/age Musik

    4 For Sale from $449.44

    Sold for $466.00
    Label: Multhipla Records Format: Vinyl Country: Italy Released: 1982
    Genres: Electronic Styles: Musique Concrète, Experimental
    <a href="/release/stats/787406#collection">20 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/787406#wantlist">72 want this</a> | 3 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=787406">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=787406">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/388780#collection">41 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/388780#wantlist">84 want this</a> | 15 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=388780">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=388780">Sell another version</a>

  18. Tony Moore D.J. - Tonight

    6 For Sale from $224.72

    Sold for $453.00
    Label: Sensation Records Format: Vinyl Country: Italy Released: 1985
    Genres: Electronic Styles: Italo-Disco
    <a href="/release/stats/227824#collection">31 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/227824#wantlist">101 want this</a> | 4 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=227824">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=227824">Sell this version</a>

  19. Aphex Twin - Analord 10

    2 For Sale from $560.67

    Sold for $451.00
    Label: Rephlex Format: Vinyl Country: UK Released: 2005
    Genres: Electronic Styles: Breakbeat, IDM, Electro, Experimental, Acid
    <a href="/release/stats/377967#collection">409 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/377967#wantlist">470 want this</a> | 44 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=377967">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=377967">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/48859#collection">1980 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/48859#wantlist">898 want this</a> | 229 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=48859">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=48859">Sell another version</a>

  20. Ron B (3) And The Step 2 Crew - Stitch By Stitch

    Sold for $451.00
    Label: Asiatic Records Format: Vinyl Country: US Released: 1990
    Genres: Hip Hop Styles:
    <a href="/release/stats/724042#collection">30 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/724042#wantlist">262 want this</a> | 9 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=724042">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=724042">Sell this version</a>

  21. Calexico - Road Atlas 1998-2011

    6 For Sale from $425.00

    Sold for $503.00
    Label: Quarterstick Records, Our Soil, Our Strength Format: Vinyl, Box Set Country: US Released: 2011
    Genres: Rock, Latin Styles: Folk Rock, Acoustic, Mariachi
    <a href="/release/stats/3246189#collection">47 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/3246189#wantlist">56 want this</a> | 15 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=3246189">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=3246189">Sell this version</a>

  22. 3'Da Hard Way - A Dirty Cop Named Harry

    Sold for $452.00
    Label: Noontime Records Format: Vinyl Country: US Released: 1990
    Genres: Hip Hop Styles:
    <a href="/release/stats/864831#collection">11 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/864831#wantlist">194 want this</a> | 7 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=864831">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=864831">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/70109#collection">70 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/70109#wantlist">325 want this</a> | 22 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=70109">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=70109">Sell another version</a>

  23. Editors - Unedited

    4 For Sale from $617.98

    Sold for $500.00
    Label: [PIAS] Recordings, Kitchenware Records Format: CD, CD, Vinyl, Vinyl, Box Set Country: UK Released: 2011
    Genres: Rock Styles: Indie Rock
    <a href="/release/stats/2786512#collection">48 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/2786512#wantlist">67 want this</a> | 9 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=2786512">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=2786512">Sell this version</a>

  24. Pretty Things* - S.F. Sorrow

    7 For Sale from $370.79

    Sold for $487.00
    Label: EMI Columbia Format: Vinyl Country: UK Released: 1968
    Genres: Rock Styles: Psychedelic Rock
    <a href="/release/stats/1488451#collection">18 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/1488451#wantlist">95 want this</a> | 3 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=1488451">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=1488451">Sell this version</a>
    <a href="/master/stats/59306#collection">479 have this</a> | <a href="/master/stats/59306#wantlist">471 want this</a> | 47 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?master_id=59306">All versions For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?master_id=59306">Sell another version</a>

  25. Coil - Animal Are You?

    6 For Sale from $223.60

    Sold for $469.00
    Label: Absinthevertrieb Lion Format: CD, Box Set Country: Germany Released: 2006
    Genres: Electronic Styles: Leftfield, Glitch, Industrial, Ambient
    <a href="/release/stats/869312#collection">69 have this</a> | <a href="/release/stats/869312#wantlist">126 want this</a> | 11 Sold on Discogs | <a href="/sell/list?release_id=869312">This version For Sale</a> | <a href="/sell?release_id=869312">Sell this version</a>